I really want..

Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I really want a friend who's always down to blaze, and always willing to match me bowl-for-bowl.

    what do you really want gc?
  2. Same here dude, same here. Except I got no buds, yet I have money haha. I don't smoke due to paranoia around here.
  3. me tooooo :smoke:
  4. I really want to stop this fucking depression and actually get a damn job, so i can actually start to have a life.
  5. I want vagina and money.
  6. I feel like all of my friends smoke/have weed on a daily basis...
    Smoking has become a lifestyle for me over the years, hence why almost everyone I know smokes weed.
  7. herb and money.
  8. I have too many of these that it drives me crazy sometimes I never get any peace and quiet its always like knock knock knockin on my door wanna go puff some more?
  9. I really want a dealer.
  10. first comes money, then power, then women.
  11. I want weed to grow on trees...(hold on phonecall)....yes...yes i see .what?! AND ITS ILLEGAL!?????:mad::eek:
  12. I'll tell you what I want
    What I really really want

  13. i want a homegirl not a girlfriend to be down with chillin and smokin' and havin fun. also itd be nice if she could be my fuckbuddy.:eek: (serious)
  14. hah...i need a buddy like that too...most my smoking buddys aren't always down...and the ones that are live too far away :mad:
  15. Bud, money, pussy
  16. A mandolin...
  17. A ukulele
    My doggie
    A low tolerance again
    A new job
    A solid best friend. (I have friends but I don't have a BEST friend)

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