I really want to tell my best friend that I slept with her ex

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  1. But I don't think it's a good idea. She might get mad or be upset.
    They were together for a couple years, I think.
    They lived together.
    Shit kind of hit the fan, though.
    She cheated with 4 guys(says she doesn't know why)
    and came clean and they broke up
    they have remained friends it's kind of weird
    but i mean good for them
    i know they still slept together for a little while, just sex
    but she's not ready for a relationship because she's all fucked up in the head
    he really loved her a lot
    and she claims to have really loved him
    but you know, if she was so invested then why did she sleep with 4 guys while they were together
    well anyways they've been apart for a few months
    and her ex and i have always been really close friends
    we've talked about how sex would just be awkward and weird
    one night we were drinking
    and he approached me
    he said, "You know. I'm single. You're single. We both wanna fuck someone no strings attached. Do you want to?"
    and I said I don't know. We're so close man. It might be weird. And plus, what about HER. 
    And he was like
    Nobody would ever have to know
    we wouldn't tell anyone
    and so i was like...hmm let me think about it
    let's smoke a bowl
    and so even though i really didn't want to, i wanted to please him
    don't get me wrong he's not ugly but i see him like a brother
    at one point i had a little crush on him, but as we grew close he really just became a close friend
    but i still went through with it
    i sucked his dick until he almost came and then we fucked in missionary, and doggy style
    then he came
    and that was it
    it hasn't happened since, and i'm glad
    because i never wanna do it again lol
    besides i started dating this guy a week after that
    and im digging him so far
    so i don't even have eyes for anyone else
    it was just one of those yolo things you know
    like well, at least now i'll know what it was like
    but should i tell her
    can i tell her
    is that bad

  2. you have a very interesting typing method. bit hard on the eyes. feels like im reading a poem or something.
    anyways, your friends a dirty girl. if the relationship she had with this dude where honest, i'd say she'd probably never talk to you again. But since she fucked herself over there's not really anyone she can blame but herself. You are two adults who wanted to make eachother happy and that's that.
    it made me fuckin lol that in one line you say you see him like a brother, and in the next couple lines you said you sucked his dick and you guys fucked.
    but if i were you...i'd tell her if she ever asked or if the opportunity to talk about it ever arises. because that's what friends should do. but i don't suggest you just flat out randomly say to her "so ya, i fucked your ex" that would get mostly anyone defensive and upset. if shes a true friend she won't be selfish and blame anyone.
  3. shit. i am sorry. i didn't realize i was typing that way. i apologize as my state of mind is slightly altered. i mean it might be fucked up that i described it like that but that's the only way i can explain it. it just didn't feel quite right lol. i just want to get it off my chest, and she's the first person i'd go to except...well...she's the last person i should tell.
    and i feel like i kind of owe it to him to keep my mouth shut
    but maybe one day she'll be okay with me admitting it
    like in the distant future, when everything is said and done, maybe she won't really care
    i need like another close friend to talk to about the things i can't tell her
    or something
  4. I'm not trying to be rude even though it may come off this way, but you seem like you really need to get yourself together. You made an extremely poor decision that hurt your friend for sex that you hardly enjoyed. It wasn't even like you had feelings for this guy. You need to do some soul searching.

    Don't hate me. It's just real shit.
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    I could use a good dick suckin till I almost cum :ey:Skeet
  6. Just be honest. If you can't be honest with your said friend then perhaps you aren't friends
  7. I don't see how it was a "poor decision" I mean I didn't cum, I rarely can when I am drunk. It's not a big deal. I've always kind of wondered what sex with him would be like, except I just couldn't do it because of how close of friends we are. I just happened to have the right combination of horny, liquor, and weed. I DON'T regret it, I just don't wish to ever do it again. Because it was too weird. I just couldn't get into it. I can't see him that way, and I know that for sure now. It was worth a shot because he'd be a pretty good fwb. I mean it would be perfect to have an open sexual relationship with a guy who I know, trust, and enjoy being around. If the sexual chemistry was actually there. I don't hate you. I just don't see a problem with it. 
    That sounds like a personal problem to me.
    But is it really always the best to be honest? Or are there things you should just keep to yourself? I don't know. I mean, I totally agree that honesty is the best policy and you should be able to be open with your friends. But the last thing I want is drama.
  8. I'm honest to the point of default, sometimes people can't handle that but I don't care I live for myself.
  9. You don't see how purposely making a decision to sleep with your BEST FRIENDS ex was a poor decision?

    Whatever though. It's your life, dude. I really don't have much right saying anything. It just seems like sex and men are a huge part of your life and you're willing to risk important relationships because of curiosity.
  10. maria
    do you
    write like this
    : (
    very to the point damn, i agree though : /
  12. Best friend you say? yeah, sure. I believe you.
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    damn, that's a tough one. it really depends on how much respect you have for your friend.. think of it from her point of view would you want a friend to tell you? and i mean if you guys are best friends and louver said then i think it's only right that you tell her and if you guys are that close then hopefully she'll value your friendship enough not to end it over something like that. i wish you the best of luck though.
    (jeez women are scandalous i always hear you girls say "i think of him like a brother" in sex-stories..) lol no offense,
  14. Your whole thread sounds like a personal problem.

    You are dead wrong. I know pimps who have more respect for there friends then you. Dead ass i know a pimp who called me and told me when my.ex tries to fuck him after the club. Hes a legit pimp. And a guy. And he still left her alone out of respect. You should have done the same. But shes a slut anyway. She might not care.
  15. I dont see how its ruining our relationship. They werent together and she fucked him over. Its not like I slept with her bf. I dont see how men and sex are such a huge part of my life. Im with a guy for 9 months. Apart for 3. And I have two partners. One ive known for over 10 years, love, respect, and trust. And another that ive been dating. I mean call it like you see it by all means. But I dont think its that damn bad. I will admit that I really love sex. But that doesn't mean there's a problem.
    I dont know.
    Its like everytime I have a new thought.
    I like hitting enter.
    I probably wouldn't want her to tell me. She did it to me once and I was hurt. I think I honestly would have rather she not told me. Especially because she purposely did it in a hurtful way.
    So he had bro code. That doesn't mean he respects women. Lmao. Im not trying to justify what I did but 3 liters of liquor didn't help. I still dont regret it I am just trying to decide if she can handle it or not. Im on tje fence. Part of me thinks she wouldn't care. But she likes drama a lot more than me and I never know if shes going to hold a grudge. I cant break my promise to him, though.

    well then if you think it would just hurt her too much or cause you to loose a friend then don't do it. i mean you said you needed to get it off your chest and i feel like you've done that here, don't you think? do you feel any better now that you've told us?
  17. maybe a little
  18. can i be your #40th? like what does it take for a guy to score with you. by gaining your trust making you two feel relatedand by him asking to fuck. and you do it. no love for your friend babygirl. you should tell her
  19. Well i hope you feel better, sometimes telling someone who has no relation to your inside life (like people on a forum) can be the most beneficial, because there's no way of it getting around to people that you don't want to know. and you still get your feelings out to another human being.
  20. He has to catch me in the right mood, for one. If I am super horny, he has like a 50% more chance of getting with me. But haha I don't plan on getting up to 40 people anytime soon. I don't like adding new partners. I know I've whored around in the past but I've actually tried to slow down. He has to be someone I've known for a while, trust, respect, etc. Not a whore. I prefer to sleep with people who don't have a lot of experience. In most cases, I prefer to have some kind of feelings for the guy. Not always, but typically. 

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