I really want to see this movie

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Baaahaha

    Tina Fey? Lmao.
  2. Holy Jesus. That's horrible.
  3. "no anal required."
    ha! thats fuckin pretty funny
  4. LMFAO...

    Yup, this is good ol' America.
  5. there is a porno with a sarah palin look alike. but i dont think i can link to porn on here.
  6. pm me if it really looks like her. Palin is bomb for a milf
  7. i got half a stiffy thinking about a porno like this. research will be done! must find this footage!

  8. For real *****s I would tear that cooch up, fine ass milf in my opinion.
  9. friend of mine told me theres an article about her in the latest hustler magazine..
    Dont know for sure though *shrug*
  10. QFT Bruddah! id go balls deep in that ass:ey::yummy:
  11. PM me with the hook up!

    I would beat to it :devious:
  12. lol only in america...
  13. You can tell Joe's diggin what she is saying.
  14. okay you pervs, pm me if you want the link.

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