I really wanna quit my job

Discussion in 'General' started by leddleleedlelee, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Hey blades,
    I had a pretty badd day at work today and im still kinda heated. Ill begin by telling about the job; its a call center handling three computers at a time. Yeah three. Headsets in the ears and a speaker for the third. The voice recording has gotten so repetitive I have nightmares about the job. Its really stressing and overwhelming at times. Monday thru Sat back to back calls. The only positive is the money is very good.
    But today and lately I been ignoring my third computer because I been performing really well and that third computer is so much more stressful, because the speaker is hard to hear. So I got in trouble for it today and I wasn't gonna deny it. But then the shift manager that confronted me about it, said I was being rude and using "foul language" to my supervisors. Which was false and my main supervisor was sitting right there and didn't back up on that. So I just got sent home.

    For now im tryna find another job, I prolly won't find one that pays as well as this. But I need to pay my fines, so I can get off probation which will knock the felony off my record. Then get my CDL. I guess I need to hang in there, but if the senior manager gets involved tomorrow and im not in a good mood, then deuce! Felt good to rant haha. But if this job taught me anything, it was self respect over money and stress.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Everyone always tells me to find a new job and it'll completely change my life...ive only had my one job so idk man....id find a new one.
  3. Unfortunately you're an ex-felon and the job market for that protected class isn't all that great...
  4. Protected class? many doors of opportunity will open up when my record is fixed.
  5. My advice comes from ASAP Rocky, I only hear the money save the bullshit for the q tips.

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  6. I say protected class because equal employment laws consider ex cons the same as African Americans and women etc.
  7. True man. I remember how long it took for me to leave my first job and how good it felt. Unfortunately my first job won't take me back until I have felony dropped down.
  8. Oh well I know I won't be able to get a government job. But I won't have to mention my felony at all in the future filling out job applications.
    Yeah that's kinda fucked. When I got outta jail I tried to get a job where my stepdad worked, over half of the people there are illegal and the ICE already raided them once. But anyway they didn't tell me strait up that they don't hire felons, my stepdad asked them why they didn't call as a couple weeks went by. Illegals over felons? GTFO, all my moms side came here illegally but dam I don't believe in equal opportunity anymore

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