I really suck at being social

Discussion in 'General' started by hightiger89, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Man I suck at being social guy's whenever I'm in a group I just can't think of shit to say and I'm extremly tired of it it's not that I'm shy it's just I have nothing rerally floating on up there can you guy's help me out?

    Just give me ideas examples etc I'm tired of being boring.
  2. god lol, i have this problem but it seems to go away by age, a tip is ask questions, always a start to a conversation
  3. I always just wait for someone else to spark convoy so i don't say anything dumb. What do you and this group have in common?
  4. Gain life experiences.
  5. does not compute.
  6. eh, maybe ur chillin w the wrong ppl. whenever i hang with the jocks, i have nothing to say to them cuz all they talk about is lacrosse and their girlfriends. when i hang with black ppl, all they do is argue about rappers. i suggest you chill with people you have a lot of common experiences with, like your fellow stoners. be like "yo, remember that time..." or "hey, has this ever happened to you..."
  7. Have a couple beers, you'll start talking.
  8. bump bump bump bump bump
  9. Maybe you're just an introverted person, I am. But it got a little easier for me to talk as i grew older.
  10. I'm the same way. Sometimes when I'm with people theres always something theyre talking about and i have nothing to say about it, it's just like....fuck.
  11. easiest solution:

    pretend every day is opposite day then you'll be a fucking social butterfly my man.

    seriously though, the more you think that way, the worse it'll get. what you think of yourself is what you are.
  12. Yeah you're probably around the wrong people. I'm comfortable with my friends so I can say anything. And a lot of the times I know people are my friends when I can not say anything and it won't be awkward.

    Find people who talk about stuff you like.
  13. I kind of shy it usually takes someone to talk to me first...then it's easy.
  14. smoke some weed....

    i go into places quiet, smoke, then i start opening up way too much.... people look at me wierd and shit when i get stoned....
  15. Be updated on shit
    Ask questions - Good ones, no dumb questions.
    And don't think you have to impress someone or fit in...

    if nothing works, maybe new friends?
    You'll be fine.
  16. thats how I broke outta my introvert shell. I liked who i was around 5-7 beers, and when I was sober, it struck me that I could be that person all the time.

    You just gotta learn to break down the barriers you build in your head, man. It's all mental. What's Fonzie like? he's cool. And we're all gonna be like a bunch of little Fonzies.
  17. Just be spontaneous....keep your dick in yo' pants, though.
  18. Wow, so there is a reason old people never know when to shut up....:smoking::metal:
  19. yea i suck at it too

    if i drink a little and start talking i seem to annoy people. so i try hard not to drink in public.

    i need to find a friend thats just like me.
  20. try ecstasy

    you'll be mr. chatty cathy

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