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  1. I live with the rents still, and have decided to try and grow outdoors. At first, I let the seeds soak in superthrive diluted with water. They started to hatch nicely...I checked up on them today,and a couple had some mucas like stuff coming out of the seed...wtf is that??? Im worried about my babies... (no im not crazy)

    peace love weed -shelly
  2. hate to say it....but it sounds like you drowned them.....

  3. Sorry to hear about your babies,.... We know the feeling we've lost 3 so far from overwatering now I don't water unless the soil looks pretty dry. Hope things work out. And Damit Keep Tryin!!! WE LOVE WEED INDEED.
  4. Oh trust me I will keep trying!

    But you see, I dont think thats the case, because only one had mucas...all the other ones are thriving...

    I recently planted them in some soil...Im waiting to see if they sprout
  5. It may not be mucos or a fungus but a thin layer that covers the inner seed. transplant it and see what happens, you don't have anything to lose

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