I really, really hate "Gothic" people.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NorCalPiff, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. Okay, I know I will probably get some shit talked to me for this, but honestly, I do not care. I agree with people being able to "express" themselves, but this is just taken to another level. Yesterday I was the mall with 1 of my best friends, & we saw a group of about 6 sickos. They were a cult of some sort, in a circle saying some type of sick satanic prayer. I thought this was disgusting, I said to them "Get a fucking life you weird losers". If my shoulders weren't fucked up I probably would of beaten the fuck out of every 1 of them. Fuck Gothic weirdos. Hipsters are fine I don't care about them they are harmless, its these freaks I have a problem with.
  2. Why? Even if they were praying to Satan (I pretty much guarantee you they were just talking in a circle), what's it to you? Would you beat up a Buddhist or a Zoroastrian if they were praying in public?
  3. I don't see why that would make someone so mad,sounds like you've got a lot of hate in you.
  4. Yeah dude I feel the same way. I'm not one of those "let people do whatever they want its not your business" kind of people for the most part. I get pissed and angry if I see some jackasses being weird and praying to satan or some shit and I get a problem with them too.
  5. if they were actually saying a satanic prayer in a mall then yeah that's kind of fucked. But otherwise you need to chill not hurting anyone by looking like a "goth"
  6. OP=Closet goth in need of acceptance, yet ashamed of himself
  7. Grow up and let people be themselves. I can say with certainty that they probably weren't saying a satanic prayer in a MALL. Calm down and let it go.
  8. I'll make sure to sacrifice the next goat in your name, bro! Can we also think about you when my friends and I are rolling in its blood? (Even if you say no we're gonna do it anyway.) :D
  9. Man I'm so PISSED
  10. If I have to see their greasy hair and chains and piercings then I've got a problem.
  11. Hey op, you will be in my "prayers" later.

  12. Exactly, this is what makes me mad. How can someone be so stupid, to willingly shame themselves in our society by dressing and acting like buffoons? That's what pisses me off. I'm not a dumb meathead but I hate jackasses.
  13. I've seen stuff like that too. I've seen a goth guy pretending to have a spiritual conversation with imaginary people whilst speaking in tongues. Pretty weird, and really abnormal to do so especially in the middle of a university cafeteria. Best you can do is ignore them and let them practice there constitutional rights even if it is strange to you.
  14. Just to clarify...I like Carson McCullers ;)

    Southern Gothic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  15. I still think its funny people have such a misguided idea of what Satanism is....

    But on either front.... it sounds like these "devil worshipping goths" were being more peaceful than you were.... and likely are less willing to hate/be violent than you are.....

    Who is Satan, those who hate for fear of something they do not understand, or those who are just themselves. Can you tell me?????

    Violence is not to be discussed here also op....
  16. "In Complicance with Prop 215 SB420 H&S Code 11362.7 for 4 failed shoulder surgeries. Please, don't take advantage of the Medical Cannabis System when there are people in true pain like myself & many others. Live free!"

    Seems You got punked again.

    "go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. It's very important to be aware of them every time they come up.”
    ~Deepak Chopra ~
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