I really need work advice.

Discussion in 'General' started by underahoneymoon, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Damn, I saw this thread I was thinking aw cool she's actually gonna let us know what up...then two seconds later I'm thinking damn.. That's not at all what's up!

    Sorry bout your luck Underahoneymoon...maybe you should get a sugar daddy? Lol...I think you got offers in this thread already right?

  2. Yeah I never got written up or got a verbal warning or anything. Very strange.

    Or her starbucks...I don't think she eats solid food.

    I could turn it into a reality show and get famous...any blades looking for a sugar baby to make it rain on?
  3. Damn, that sucks.

    Best of luck seeking future employment.

    Could/would you put this position on your resume or no?
  4. Ive been debating that...I dont know what they will tell potential employers so I dont really want to but i dont want to have an even bigger employment gap than I already do. Im just really confused about WHY I got told I had a future with the company and then got fired. I asked for specific examples of what I had been doing wrong and was told there were too many instances to give an example. So weird.
  5. Yeah, that sounds off.

    And I doubt you were oblivious to any wrong-doings they claim you were doing, especially to the point that they went from giving you appraisals to giving you the boot
  6. It sounds like someone must have had a personal issue with you. None of that makes sense.

    You could always do what my sister did a couple of times... tell them that you took time off from working to take care of your sick grandmother who passed away. The grandma has to be dead to ensure that they won't worry about you having to take care of her again. :laughing:

    I'm serious though, it worked.

    Otherwise you could say you were traveling abroad; or tell them the truth, state your case honestly and respectfully, and hope that it won't be an issue.
  7. Yeah i actually did do some international travelling last summer...maybe I will just extend the dates i was gone haha. The grandma thing is genius.

    Im debating...whats better? Being honest about my job history or not even adding them to my resume? I mean I can honestly say I didnt deserve getting fired.
  8. I suppose it would depends on other references that would back you up if they were contacted.
  9. I dont really have any references, not business ones anyways. I worked for myself for a year...before that I worked for/with collectives for a year (which I dont really want to list) and before that all the other jobs Ive worked dont have the same supervisors working there anymore.
  10. Maybe time to go back to school and broaden your options? If your at a place where school is an option that is ...
  11. Yeah there is actually a CC two minutes from my house. I should just get a part time job and go to school.

  12. Do it up! I make 35k MORE a year now than I did before going to cc for two years...I preach about schooling now! Lol

  13. My friend is trying to talk me into going to nursing school. I feel "meh" about it.
  14. Then don't do it. Nursing is one of those gigs where if you don't truly love it, you won't last.

    Sorry to hear about the job. That seems pretty off.
  15. If there were many instances where you performed poorly, why didn't your supervisor counsel you the first, second, third instance?

    As someone else has mentioned, someone must have had a personal issue with you.
  16. Don't know if you're American or British, but I know if that happened to me, the first thing I'd do is contact Human Resources.
  17. Well for my state (California) there isn't really anything I can do. Believe me that was the first thing I did when I got off the phone.
  18. Bastards, your ex boss really sounds like a prick, and I'm sure it's her loss more than it is yours. Keep your chin up!!! :)

  19. Yeah I mean I WISH at the time I had been more aggressive and confronted my boss on her BS. Oh, I've been doing horribly for months? Why wasn't that addressed AT ALL during my review?? But I was tearful mess and just wanted to get of the phone and melt into a puddle of shame and sorrow.

  20. Thanks, I appreciate that :)

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