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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Herbage, May 15, 2011.

  1. Im not used to outdoor growing. So i was wondering if it was okay to just germinate the seed and plant it right into the mixed soils?
  2. Yeah if at all possible germinate em'
    Plant it in a small dixie cup.
    Once it 2 inches tall transplant to what ever.
  3. i mean what would be better when planting them straight out side. germinating them or not germinating them?
  4. Definitely germinate them first, then plant them in plastic drinking cups until 2 inches tall like the other guy said then move outside...half the seeds won't germinate in soil alone and also full sun is too much for plants that are under 2 inches...that's why it's better to start with cups and germination...hands down
  5. i know that would be best. but what im saying is i dont got time for all that i got 16 bag seeds germinating as of today and i want to know if its okay to plant them right in my site.
  6. just do it...this forum is made up of everyday working people who cant answer or reply to everything. why not find out for yourself, its just bag seed. and im not saying this to be rude or anything but i started 36 bagseeds in my garden, out of them i have 16 plants about a ft tall

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