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  1. Ok first first off dont call me stupid......I come to yall cause you are some really smart cats on here. Aight so I am a hip hop artist and I have been set to have a couple of opening gigs coming up. The problem is I am really nervous and........THIS IS EMBARASING.......I cant always remember my own lyrics....... I know it sounds dumb but they are new songs and I dont think its that I dont remember them Im just nervous and I really dont wana bomb out on stage. Can somebody please help me and give me some tips.:confused:
  2. I've never done like a legit musical performance, but I can give some advice.

    Get a small group of close friends together at your place and spin the tracks for them. Easy enough, just smoke n chill and ask them if they wouldn't mind if you practiced getting your lyrics locked in. You could start before that even by rapping over your music on your own while reading the lyrics off a sheet of paper until you can do it clean without having to read.
  3. Freestyle
  4. Just practice over and over until you memorize it, and like the guy above me said just freestyle if you fuck up. It would be more embarrassing to not say anything than a bad line
  5. yea that freestyle option is cool, what about like getting the jitters you know, how do I hype my crowd what kinda attitude should I present?
  6. this is me so you can get what im workin with......

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETW3uW9w10U]YouTube - BRAND NEW B.C.P[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ3GQGUxwt8&feature=related]YouTube - COUNTRY B.C.P[/ame]
  7. More practice, I think. Just listen to your songs 24/7, until you're doing it without even thinking about it.

    Also, to drop some motherfuckin science on ya, listen to it just before you go to sleep. Your brain retains information better when it's still in your short-term memory while you sleep. That's why you sometimes dream of things you were thinking about during that day, or just before you hit the sack.

    Good luck.
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    From my own experiences, I believe nervousness comes from fear. It seems like you are afraid of failing on stage. My best advices are to accept and come to grips with the fact that you can and might probably fail on stage, because the more you fear it, the more it will consume you and eat at you and this will lead to a higher chance of you actually failing. When you don't fear failure your nervousness about it wont be as strong. Also sometimes when we are afraid or nervous about something we tend to run away from it. Perhaps practicing your raps as much as possible will give you enough confidence to where the fear becomes more and more irrational in your mind.
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