I Really Need Help On Growing!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonerbiatch420, Jul 4, 2002.


how to grow

  1. how many seeds you use

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  2. how u grow it

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  1. im going to grow now and i have 10 early girl seeds and i really dont no how to grow ive never done it before do i use all 10 seeds in one plant or wut does it make 10 plants????I grow it in soil right just like a normal plant??? ive hered so many ways it confuses me!!!!!!!!! i may sound stupid but i am a supid stoner but i really dont understand and if any one could help that would be great!!!

    email: ripcurl_gurl420@hotmail.com

  2. well u can grow in soil thats ok but i used seedling compost, i would get saperate pots small to start off then get bigger with the plants, mine are nearly 3" tall now and its only been 1 week, i used miricle grow as instructed on the tub and i water regular also i rapped tin foil around the pot and just keep puttin them in the sun as much as poss, also talk to plants or u could just breath on them that oughter work, happy growin.
  3. Stonerbiatch, instead of breathing on it and maybe killing it with bad breath..j/k make a box with like plexy glass over the top or just get a bowl of water and put dry ice in it
  4. WOW!!!! please go to your local book store and buy the cannabis growers bible step 1: read it front to back step 2: repeat step one until u have no more stupid ass questions. Sorry for the hostility

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