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  1. so long story short, I've been really into this guy for a long time (about 2 and a half years) and I know for a fact he has/had feelings for me because he has admitted to it and there have been times where we've planned dates but I would always get too nervous and back out, which is why I'm in the situation I am now. He's been dating this girl for about a year now and idk what to do. I obviously can't just tell him I still feel the way I feel, but how do I deal with these stupid feelings? How do I make them go away? i see him every day and we drifted away for a while and now we talk more often. I feel like one day I'll get really stoned and tell him everything

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  2. Sounds like your ship has sailed and you missed it. Its time to move on. Don't smoke with him if the temptation to ruin his current relationship of one year is at risk.
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  3. I've been there but for me it was easy - he tried to cheat on his girl with me and I didn't want any part of that. When he did that I broke off my friendship with him.

    Ultimately the decision is up to you - do you value your friendship with him more than having a relationship with him? Or is a romantic relationship more important than your friendship? It's hard to say whether you should tell him. I feel like you should and then decide from his reaction where to go from there.
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  4. If you tell him that you still have feelings for him and he says "sorry, I am really into my gf right now" you're going to feel like shit. The best thing you could do is ask him if he's really happy now in his relationship. If he asks why do you want to know, you could just say that all you want is for him to be happy.
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  5. Bitch u gotta move on unless he’ll take u as a side .. Don’t be the obsessed bitch, the one stalkin his fb page n shit just move on .. Ya gotta know when to say Game Over & accept it ..
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  6. Shit or get off the pot. Either tell him about your feelings or stop seeing them.
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  7. Play games with his chick break them up.
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  8. I can't stop seeing him because he's a good friend of mine
  9. But you are willing to hurt him? Not saying you will but the chance is there
  10. Why do you need to hang out with him?
    I am missing something?
    Don’t say anything, just move on. Plenty of dudes out there to date.
  11. Shit happens I’m going through a fucked up experience right now, and almost feels like your the girl in the situation. Just leave him alone

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