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  1. So like the title says I really need advice. Me and my girlfriend were having sex and well I busted a nut. I thought we were fine until I pulled out. I saw that the condom had torn...
    I know this might sound stupid but is it 100% chance that she'll be pregnant? Is there any options so that she won't get pregnant like some pill or something?
    Help would be really appreciated since I have absolutely no idea how to handle this.

  2. Google your closest Planned Parenthood and call them. They will be able to give you the best answer because it depends on your local laws and regulations. Pregnancy is never 100% certain. You won't know until her body decides to tell the world. Again, Planned Parenthood is who you want to call. If you can't find a local enough place, try a Department of Health or Human Services office. Woman's Centers / shelters may have info for you.

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  3. Get plan b shit at a local pharmacy if worst comes to worst
  4. That's why you always have sex without a condom. Then you'll for sure pull out
  5. get the morning after pill for ya girl
  6. Well one of my crazier ex-girlfriends told me she was on birth control when she wasn't and I busted in her all the time sans condom, and despite her wishes, she never got pregnant.
    I don't understand why you two can't run to a clinic and get the morning after pill?  :confused:
  7. No offense to OP but he sounds young as fuck, who doesnt know what birth control pills are
  8. Morning After pill.
    You clearly never heard of it so you're clearly too young to be having sex.
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    is she on secondary birth control? the implanon or birth control pills? certain birth control pills can be used as a back up plan in accidental cases, but you'd need to look up the specific one first to find out.
    plan b is also something that can be used the next morning, which is highly effective to prevent pregnancy.

    always have more than one back-up plan. accidents happen, and at least if you're both using more than one option, it lowers the risk.
  10. Take the morning after pill. That is the best option you have. It doesn't kill the child if she is already prego. What it does is, if it hasn't fertilized yet it will prevent it from doing so. It can be taken within three days. So 72 hours! The sooner you take it the better chance you have of not having a child. If she had her period a week prior then that means she is more fertile. And you have more of a chance of having her be pregnant. Take the pill ASAP! Because otherwise she will most likely get pregnant. And having a child when you are not ready is big. Giving a child up is a hard thing. And abortion can make it so she cant have kids again. The pill is over the counter. It's called 'Plan B' or 'The morning after pill.' That's your best bet.
  11. Thanks to all for the info. I went out and actually did find all that stuff by going to planned parenthood and by browsing through the internet. And just fyi, to all the people who said I might be young you are quite right. I'd say 20 years old is still pretty young :p haha
    I was just never a person to be sexually active or anything like that so all these things were new to me

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