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  1. Right here we go, just a quick background story so you know where im at. I lived with my dad originally after i moved in with him when i was 14. since then it all went downhill, after complications with rent we got evicted, i then lived with a mate for about 5 months, then he moved so i ended up back with my dad in temporary accomidation he was given with his girlfriend and her son. I ended up having the other of all arguements with him and had to move back with my mum about 30 miles away so im currently living with my mum, in this tiny town that has no opportunity at all, and i have like 2 friends here, that i hardly see. so the majority of the time i am just sat at home with nothing to do, i suffer from deppression quite badly so it has just made things 10 times worse.

    and have been verbally diagnosed with aspergers which my mother really doesnt seem to believe so its just been an ongoing battle and its not really fair to stick around when im like this. Ive been here for about half a year. She wants me out basically cos i need to sort my shit out, ive been on jobseekers for the past year and a half and its hopeless finding work.

    I have found a room in redditch, its a quite far so il practically be leaving everything behind, but what have i got to lose really, looked around and im happy with it, and he'll ring me back tomorrow to let me know if its mine or not. Its 90 a week with rent without bills, which im still not sure exactly what they will come to yet.

    Now this is where im screwed, I went to redditch council to get the forms i need and the woman told me that i can claim a maximum of 63.23 a week. But i dont know how this is so when there's people whos rent is more and they still get it, and they are in the same situation.

    Now is it really the maximum or is that just like an average, or just a standard responce they have to give? Im really stumped as to what to do, As I've never really rented my own place and haven't got a clue what I'm doing really. Has anyone had any experience with the council and housing benefit?

    I would really appreciate any advice as im close to just giving up I dont know what else to do i cant carry on living like this :/ sorry about the essay but thats the short version

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    No advice on council and housing benefits.

    But if you are looking for a job, have you ever tried any temporary working agencies? like manpower or addeco? idk where you live but they may have an office around where you live. If you apply for them online for factory work or anything really they call you pretty quick. I always got a call for work a day after applying.

    And i know what its like to be stuck, with nothing to do and sitting around home all day. Im at that point in my life right now and im actually pretty depressed. I cry alot lol. I listen to music almost ALL day, it helps me out somewhat.
  3. Ive tried a few but never got me anywhere really, I didnt do well at school at all so my grades, well i didnt even bother going to pick the official cirtificates, i has a peice of paper with them on but lost that years ago. so i dont even know them. So my cv is pretty piss poor

    To be honest im putting all of my effort into just getting away from the area, too much history i dont want to look back on really. hence why I looked at a place in redditch and ive never even been there or know anyone from there.

    Yea i really does beat you down after a while. music is a BIG part of what gets me through it, but recently one of my faders broke on my mixer so i cant concentrate on building sets ect which keeps me busy and just gives me a purpose if im honest. but as long as ive got my trusty laptop and broadband i have the universe at my fingertips :smoke: <== this helps a lot too lol
  4. sounds like it stinks man.

    I would continue looking for any type of work/ source of income and try working things out with your parents.

    Try to get welfare if you can.
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    Well idk aboutthe 63 bucks because i know tons of people that got housing and they get nice little apartments for like 1000ish...BUT they all have kids..and most are married, so i think that adds to your amount.
    Do you have any degree? did you graduate? If you've REALLY been trying to find a job and still nothing, maybe you should consider doing some cert. program, or just go to a community college and get an associates in something...
    Maybe revise your resume and see if somethings messed up? If you go to school, do work study...

    AND you should definatly look into some sort of social security, if you cant get unemployment or something just get food stamps!!!! They help soooooooo much. Food is a good like 30 or 40 percent of all your money so if you don't have to spend just that little bit less, it helps right?
  6. Look for construction/hard labor jobs. Or something at a fast food place. Or a job cleaning.

    There are jobs out there, you just need to look hard to find them.

    Here is so info on applying to get a council home.
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    by the way im from the u.k if that makes any difference, i forgot to mention it, yea ive been looking for ages. i cant get labour because over here you need a licence to do it, which i cant afford. and most of the work that does come in like factory work/shelf filling and stuff i could do i apply for, and when i do get an interview im a nervous wreck.

    for the past couple of months i have trailed off with it, just because ive been trying to get housing through the council, and ive applied for housing but because im not technically homeless yet they cant do anything,and im not going back to that. I was meant to be kicked out last saturday but my mum just didnt have the heart to do it, . ive applied for a couple of supported housing but ive just got to wait until they have a free place.

    edit; nope no grades at all lol, ive literally got an E in motor vehicle road user studies, which i did at a college placement day at high school which is useless
  8. Look for a staffing agency they usually don't require you to do interviews. I went to one and they called me a bit after and told me a time and date, and I went in and they pretty much just train you and and start working that day. Keep your head up everything's gonna be alright.

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