i really need advice...is this a good grow spot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by superbeastly, May 12, 2011.

  1. does this look like a good spot to grow my plants? i tred to make the pictures so left to right they make a 360 degree turn. btw i think it gets about 7 hrs direct sunlight. i think. plez let me know what yall think im really having trouble picking a good grow spot. thanks grasscity!

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  2. 7 hours is minimum. Should work, but there is better.

    Not a fan of the powerlines.
  3. if those power lines get serviced/fixed ect the power mans gonna av a nice find man but follow ur instinct man :D happy growing
  4. does it look like itll get enuff light?
  5. Did you just completely disregard my post or something?

  6. sorry bro im stond lol
  7. Bad bad bad idea with the power lines...they cut grass there and check on them at least 3 times a year...I used to work for the power company and part of our jobs were walking the lines that were in fields off of main roads once every couple months to look for anything broke, hanging or out of place...we even walked up the alleghany mountains where the lines went up....trust me, bad spot bud unless they really blend in and dont smell

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