I really like animals...

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  1. ...and I don't think I want to eat them anymore.

    Anyone have some good advice for ways to help me make this transition?

    Any recipes, nutritional information, things to avoid, food products I should try to find, anything at all! Milk, eggs, and cheese are all welcomed ingredients!

  2. I apologize if this is what you dont want to hear, but i just wanna try to talk you out of it anyways.

    Why give up meat? Yeah, even if you do like animals, boycotting it isnt going to help them in any way. Eating other animals is part of nature, its what were meant to do. Plus its hard to get all the nutrients you need without meat.

    Anyways, i respect your decision, and its up to you. I love eating animals, and i wouldnt ever give it up :rolleyes: :smoke:
  3. Am I the only one who thought this was going to be a beastiallity thread?.....

  4. nope, that was my first thought too.
  5. There's no reason why you need to eat a fully-cooked dead animal body part; or a combination of cheap body parts if you eat sausages and whatnot. Your body will only thank you if you go veggie. The only reason why people eat meat is to appease their taste buds. You can get all your nutrients without meat, and all of which are higher quality than a dead animal. Plus you don't have to worry about weird ass disease if you don't have to handle raw meat in your kitchen anymore.

    The way I see it, eating meat is just a bigger headache. Is appeasing your taste buds that worth it?

  6. Being a vegetarian is unnatural. You kill animals by being vegan, too.

    I say eat the diet we were made to eat and understand that things are going to die no matter what you do.

    Eating meat isn't just for taste. Doing it in moderation is fine. Homo sapiens is an omnivorous organism.
  7. I understand that I'm not saving any animals, or even slowing the slaughter, the thing is that I'm slowly becoming repulsed by having dead flesh in my mouth. Its really been messing with me! Maybe if I could hunt and kill my own food, that would be one thing, but I couldn't. I don't ever want to kill anything! And as for cleaning the body, no way! I couldn't slice up a corpse and prep it for eating, it'd fuck with me too hard and honestly I'd probably pass out.

    It just seems like I can't stand the heat of it all, so I'm just gonna get out of the kitchen
  8. [quote name='"dariolovesdeb"'] Plus you don't have to worry about weird ass disease if you don't have to handle raw meat in your kitchen anymore.

    how many diseases have all the people here caught from handling meat? oh none, wow. it's called fucking cleaning. easily the dumbest reasoning to not eat meat.
  9. [quote name='"tonebeats"']

    how many diseases have all the people here caught from handling meat? oh none, wow. it's called fucking cleaning. easily the dumbest reasoning to not eat meat.[/quote]

    I think its pretty good... I've thought about that a lot! One knife for everything, one cutting board, no cross contamination, no under cooking.... its a pretty nice plus not handling meat
  10. aren't there specific amino acids that are only in meat? this is like the main reason i eat meat.

  11. No. It is possible to get all the nutrients you need without meat, but most vegetarians I've met don't do it right.
  12. I'm not surprised why you are completely oblivious to food safety and sanitation, so I won't argue against your ignorance.

    Exactly. Good to know that you're aware of this :)
  13. I know what you mean, man! I'm tired of kids thinking their healthier than me because they eat nothing but white bread cheese sandwiches!
  14. Yeah man, vegetarianism =/= healthy

    I used to have the same feeling about eating dead flesh. I still don't like to eat pork for that reason. It's too human-like.

    But now I'm trying to get more in touch with my animal self, and I've found that once I put aside this superiority mindset that most humans carry around, flesh in my mouth is pretty primal and satisfying.

    I feel just the same way about vegetables though. Food is really satisfying if you eat what your body needs.

    Remember to pair your food groups to get complete proteins.


    Eat two (or three, just to be sure) of those food groups and you'll get the protein your body needs without meat.
  15. If you're implying to pair your food groups in a single meal to get your complete protein, then that is just a myth. As long as you get all the non-meat food groups within your daily diet, you will be fine. You don't need to group them each meal.

    I could have just comprehended it wrong but I'm just making sure that you're not talking about meal by meal.

  16. I would say it's a misunderstanding more than a myth. I don't usually eat meals, just eat throughout the day.

    Thanks for clarifying man :)
  17. oblivious? it is 2nd nature to be sanitary to me. so it is ignorant to even mark that as a reason imo, i prepare all my food and never had this problem. if you are worried about getting sick from the way you prepare your food, that is your own fault and you deserve it. hahah.
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    I hate to be "that guy", but I think if you can argue that humans are biologically omnivores, I can argue that humans are biologically herbivores.

    You don't have teeth designed for ripping into flesh, those "canines" you have are not for killing animals, a vegan animal like a gorilla has bigger canines then yours. (gorillas do eat a very tiny amount of insects, but thats it.)

    On top of that you don't have the agility to catch feral prey. And even if you could catch small prey like rabbits, and kill them. Guess how fucking hard of a time you would have consuming the rabbit, fur and all, with just your so called "omnivore teeth".

    And lets say even if you did eat the meat from a feral animal. Chances are you would get critically ill, and eventually die without medical care. The only reason some people get away with eating raw meat from supermarkets is because the animals where treated with antibiotics. Your not eating raw flesh from feral animals though without getting infected with some nasty shit.

    However, real meat eating animals don't have this problem. They have the stomach acidity to kill any kind of harmful bacteria/parasites in raw flesh. You're the only animal that actually needs to cook meat.

    On top of all this, there are many, many features of humans that clearly show we are not a natural meat eater.


    I classify humans as opportunistic omnivores, as in they can adapt to eat meat in survival situations, but there overall biological herbivores. (EG. You can feed a cat a vegan diet, but it doesn't change the fact its a carnivore.)

    Meat does contain complete proteins, with all essential amino acids. Most plant based protein sources do not. However if you're eating a balanced vegan diet, and getting enough protein (its really hard not to), its practically impossible to be deficient in one or more amino acids.

  19. Hey dude, don't hate being "that guy." That's how good information is spread :)

    Humans are a hard animal to classify because of our tool-using attributes. The earliest known stone tools date back 2.5 million years ago, long before homo sapiens arrived on the scene. They are stone flakes which are thought to have been used in scraping meat from carcasses.

    Humans are perfectly capable of eating raw meat, so long as it is freshly killed. It is even more readily digested in a raw form, for cooking meat destroys many digestive enzymes that would otherwise assist in digestion.

    Gorillas do follow a vegetarian diet, but our closest primate relative, the chimpanzee, often eats meat from smaller animals as well as other primates.

    Regardless, we now have the information necessary to live successfully as omnivores or vegetarians.

    Do what feels right for you.

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