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I really kinda wanna................?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. ,...........get an entire box of shells for the 12 gauge and take this wonderful little box that is sitting in front of me right now that I'm typing on and go out in the front yard and sit it nicely in a pile of leaves and load the shotgun up and play chase the computer with the 12 gauge around the front yard and reload and then chase it down the road a bit until I came to the creek and then drown it slowly.


    I've been getting an education that I was'nt really wanting.

    Is it too much too ask that after a long I can't just sit down briefly, e-mail friends and family, see what's going on around the places you hang out at.................but no.

    Next thing you know, it's 2:30 in the morning, you've got 14 windows of "help" open and you're learning everything except the thing you originally set out to learn.

    I guess this is my long winded-rambly way of saying 'puter problems have kept me outta the game, been gone, have I missed anything type thread thingee.


    I guess we could shorten it up a bit

    Hey everybody!

    Long time no see!

    How's it hanging?
  2. Great to see ya! Hope your 'puter problems ease up for ya.
  3. Yet another reason why I love my dad. All I have to say is dad the thingys not working right, I don't know why it's just broken. And then next time I go to use it all is well or we have a new one. Or I could always use one of the other ones, we have like 4.

    Anywho, i'm glad it worked long enough for you to drop us a line.
  4. Computers are like cars...........

    You love'em till they screw up, then you wanna kill'em.......

    Good to see ya here my friend!
  5. Glad to see you are alive and kicking!!!!!
  6. well..lets see..what have you missed?

    ive been getting high, dancing naked, and umm..getting a four foot bong...ya know thats big... off to chase the darkness with a lighter..until i fall down...or smoke more weed..whichever comes first.

  7. Damn.........I missed you dancing naked????? Where was I when all this was happening??????? LOL. Take a hit from the 4 ft bong for me!!!!!!!!
  8. well hell, i can always dance naked again...and i will immediately take a hit from the four footer when it comes in, for you:D...hell..ive got weed..ill start a list now..who wants a hit just for them?

  9. ME, ME, ME!!!!!!!! I get the first hit!!!!! LOL. You take a hit for me and then go dancing around naked!!!!! That would be soooooooo very nice of you!!!!! LOL
  10. the big four foot hit..or the dancing naked?
  11. welcome back! :)

    Oh, and I'd like a hit Namron. Any chance you know how to do the naked charlston?
  12. if it involves playin with myself...then hell yah, im damned good at the naked charleston
  13. shoot? skeet? buck? hunt? skeet?
  14. From one O.F.F. stranger, to another, GREAT to "hear" from ya!!
  15. COWBOY!! Missed your posts on the board bud. Hope that things are going well for ya. Let us know!
  16. welcome back. sorry to hear about your computer troubles. mine's a p.o.s. so i know how it is when they break. lol. i've had many occasions when i've just wanted to throw mine out the window and beat it with a baseball bat. lmao.
  17. Don't feel bad man. I'm an IT Manager and sometimes even I have troubles!!!
  18. COWBOY! HOW'S LIFE DUDE! C'mon back when ya can stay awhile!

    Hey Indytoker! I see you're in pursuit of leading poster! I wonder if my page is'nt loading fresh every time I come in cause HE'S EVERYWHERE! Remember on your way to 3000 plus, it's quality, not quanity!

    HOLA Sensi! I only hunt with the camera, and I hunt for stuff in the fridge. I used to hunt but don't have a good place for deer anymore. Too many city folks with SUV's, coonskin caps, and more gun than they can handle shooting at sounds in the woods is tooo scary for me. My guns are for varmint control, be it man or beast.

    Hang in there ya Big Aus! Coming in to spring this year we were in the same situation. But it broke at the begining of summer and we had a pretty wet, dry season. But it still has'nt replaced all the rain we're behind. Can't last forever!

    Can it?

    Hey Cotton, Krazy, and Flowerchild!

    And Norm,.... ah.... my dear boy Normy. Last time you ran thru my thread, naked, did'nt I pepper yo' ass with with my pellet gun? Are we slow to learn?

    *reaches under chair*



  19. Very wise words smokinokie!! Hehe, I am everywhere today!! I'll get to 3000 plus one of these days, but no hurry!! Just happy to finally be posting instead of just browsing. I wish that more people would come out of the "posting closet." lol.

    I just can't express how great the City is. It's great that we can all bond together and share knowledge. Maybe we can get these laws changed around while we're at it!! Anyway, good to "formally" make your acquitence smokinokie!!
  20. well..its that time of the night again kiddies...that time where namron goes off his head in some sort of ...dreary, lathargic, state of rambling, where his fingers are weapons of fury and the keys are his amunition for whatever the fuck you want to call his sense of humor...for he finds jokes such as...

    hmm..imagine that..i cant think of a joke..shit..i thought i was the raod on the way home tonight..i was part of the road.joined at the was neat...and just a second ago, i coiuldnt find the phone...i walk in there, cuz the computer wont connect..and it keeps sayin no dial i says to self, self, that means the phone is on i go in there to hang up the phone and put it on its cradle...its not on the table, its not by my parents in their room, its not in the bathroom, its not in the fridge, its not outside in the car, its not in my room, its not in the closet...its on the fucking couch under the motherfuckinest pile of clothes..damned it..may all piles of phone hiding clothes burn in an exostentially terrible horrifffic hell that they should burn in..

    whad uup to my mr jenkins out there..

    i made my friend falll down today laughing.....

    we were stoned...and i called him Genital Steve..

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