I really hope not.

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  2. goodnight world :smoke:
  3. i like night
  4. They really didn't talk much about the whole total darkness thing.
  5. Yeah I don't see that happening *ba dum tish*
  6. Damn. I better buy a flashlight.
  7. Ah yes, another doomsday theory.:rolleyes:

    My father told me of a man who threw himself in front of a moving train because he thought the world was really going to end (not sure which doomsday theory drove him to do such a thing).

    Since my dad is a higher up in CN, he had to personally go to the man's family and tell them what happened. He almost broke down that's how hard it was to tell them. :(
  8. That's grim mate. I don't know why people commit suicide over doomsday, if we all die we all die, if not then we don't. There is nothing we can do, might as well just toke up with a fat bag and enjoy ourselves in case its true. :smoke:

  9. The "total darkness" think is metaphorical. The sun isn't going anywhere. What would change is our electrical grid. We would have no power to run anything, therefore we'd be plunged back into "darkness" both literally, at night, and figuratively, as pertains to cultural advancement.

    I don't see it happening though

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