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I really have no idea whats going on

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kadyanne, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. So i have been smoking pot for almost 7 years now. Ive went through the whole popper stage which lasted a good almost 4 years but since my health has declined immensely I quit them about a year ago now. Back in the beginning of Feb. this year I got extremely sick like my skin hurt , it hurt to open my eyes, my muscles hurt , everything hurt i had the worse fever ive felt i was dizzy ect and i was completely drained of energy i slept roughly 18 hours straight and then another 6 on and off. Once i finally felt able to actually get up i did smoke a couple tokes and felt fine. After this I had also decided to ease up on and eventually quit smoking.( this lasted a good 3 weeks but since the way i am when i get high now ive taken it up again only a smoke here or there whenever im stressed) So a couple days after i got sick i bought some more green but this time i got high my head felt a thousand degrees so hot my ears were ringing my vision got blurry and i had to hop in a cold shower for almost an hour and now ever since then every time i get high that happens. Ive tried just rolling a joint, ive tried just one bong hoot, ive tried different weed off different people. Weed is literally my life , no cliche, it helps me live my life to the best i can , it eases my anxiety, stress levels, my depression, it helps me eat, and sleep. I have severe stomach problems and a sleep disorder. It relieves the symptoms of my fibromyalgia and now i can no longer get that relief because of the effects of how my body reacts with getting high it is literally driving me crazy and i really have no idea whats going on, can anyone help me ??
  2. Damn Idk man try to take a break if u can and see if that helps.... I also been going thru this weird ass stage where il get so damn depressed at midnight hours even tho if I smoke 30 minutes later or so I'm all depressed again then when couple hours pass my depression will slowly go down and feel a little better this keeps repeating itself every single night for the past 3 weeks or so I don't know what it is like I used to get so excited and happy picking up weed and knowing that I have weed stashed when I need it.. but now I barely feel any excitement I just bought weed and I'm still depressed Idk wtf is up I really hope this goes away really soon

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  3. You sed your health went down immensely could you explain in more detail?

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  4. yea that was the first thing i did was try to take a break furst a couple of days then a week then two then three n still same thing, and i have struggled with my health since i was young , it was actually the reason why i started smoking pot was to relieve my symptoms i was taking so many medications and a friend of mine told me that smoking pot can actually help and it really did and when i smoked poppers this sorta thing started happening except id also get really sick from my stomach so quit poppers and just went straight green n there was no problems up until 5 weeks ago when the whole head over heating having to sit in a cold shower thing started. ive wanted to go to my doctor about this , and i sorta have because these heat episodes happen to me even without smoking pot but so far they havent found anything other than the fibromyalgia.
  5. You mentioned getting some new green right before this stuff started, could this all be due to a new strain? You probably usually get indica, maybe you got something else?
  6. What are poppers? Spliffs? Tobacco and weed?

    I would recommend trying a vape if a friend has one or making edibles with your weed since smoking it doesn't work.
  7. I pick up from a few different people, all the time, i usually never have the same weed, i like options, so no it wasnt different strain that did this ive ruled that out since it happend with every other weed ive picked up. poppers are 1part tabacco and 1 part weed in a bowl shaft smoked through a bong. I will try vaping cause of the fact that with edibles, i dont mind just i actually prefer and really enjoy smoking cause ive been smoking pot for 7 years.
  8. This really doesn't sound like it has anything to do with weed, man, this honestly sounds like it has to do with the reaction of the herb with a bad infection of some kind. I've had similar instances happen when I've gotten faded while I was sick. I'd recommend going and seeing a doctor, maybe running those symptoms past him minus the weed parts, obviously. Then, I guess if you get comfortable enough with it to smoke again, start small and slowly and go in baby steps. Especially with quality bud, don't overload yourself and ruin the experience for you. If when you smoke again, you start experiencing those symptoms, I would immediately refrain until they go away. Best of luck, dude.

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  9. thanks man thats sorta what ive been thinking
  10. Sounds like you fell victim to the American diet and lifestyle. You need a major diet and lifestyle change. I know. Same thing happened to me. Weed isint going to help you.
  11. I'd like to agree with you on that but i have a strict diet , maybe not the best lifestyle as in where i am staying , but i seriously can only eat healthy food, any processed, GMO, bullshit food literally makes me ill. But thanks for the input mate. Weed is the only thing that has helped me
  12. Try adding a lot of probiotics in your diet then. I literally cured myself of neuropathy from doing this, not quickly tho, I can take a year or more

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