I really have no idea what im doing

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  1. I'm 18 years old, I live with my parents, I've never been in a relationship before and I'm a virgin. Now you know a little bit about me so it might help you understand the situation I'm in. I have a date with a girl from work this Saturday and I'm pretty stoked but I'm also pretty nervous. This girl has liked me for a long time but I've never really been attracted to her, not that there's anything wrong with her. Shes asked me out so many times I just ran out of excuses and finally said yes. But I need this, I've never been on a date in years, I don't have anything to lose. Another thing I forgot to mention is my work doesn't allow employes to date and their super strict about it. everyone at my work knows she's been crushing on me for a few months, not that I'm worried but I just have to tell her to keep it low key. But I have this feeling in my stomach that just keeps telling me to back out and bail. I don't want to but I'm so nervous. This girl has high expectations to. She's the kind of girl that doesn't fuck around she wants a real relationship and that really scares me. Any advise you can give me would be awesome and I realize I need to grow some balls here but I really have no clue what I'm doing. Do you think I should still take her out?
  2. She wants the D...
  3. give her the dick, then dip from the sitch quick
  4. Rottenapple gets my vote!

    Nah brah really go kick it with her and after a bit tell her your worried about work then start knockin out her friends one by one.
  5. smash dat holmes
  6. :laughing:

    I'm toasted; I thought you wrote snitch here.
  7. just do it man, i think youll enjoy it
  8. [quote name='"TheGooey"']Rottenapple gets my vote!

    Nah brah really go kick it with her and after a bit tell her your worried about work then start knockin out her friends one by one.[/quote]

    That's what I was thinking but I just don't know how to pull it off. I make 16/hr so I can't get fired over something stupid. She's such a nice person so I don't want to hurt her.. like she would be an awesome friend to have but she definitely wants my cock
  9. Stick your penis in her, what are you waiting for?
  10. What do you do for work?

    Ever worked at a restaurunt? The point is bang every hottie you work with then find a new restaurunt.

    Smoke a j, get her drunk and tell her a friend is havin some people over and she should bring some friends...then boom you and a buddy throw the houdini on her and you get with the friends.
  11. This is my advice:

    1 - Just relax a bit. I know this is awful advice to hear when you're nervous about something, but like, this girl is into you and obviously sees something attractive.

    2 - Go out with her, honour your date, and be honest with her about what you are interested in. At 18, I had a particular aversion to the idea of serial monogamy, but I kind of outgrew that. Because of what I have experienced and felt, I am glad I had this aversion: it gave me time and freedom. This isn't to slander marriage or monogamy in any way, but just to say that following your gut feelings is a good idea lots of the time. Even though it can be hard to say and to hear, but the truth is better than being strung along and dropped.

    3 - Try to show her a good time, try to have a good time, and if nothing else, it's a practice date. As for sex, which many have suggested, I think it would be a fine idea if you think tensions between you and her will be fine Monday morning at the water cooler, but don't expect nothing to change. The worst that might happen is you lose your job if management is strict, but if you are anything like me, at 18 I wasn't in a job that I thought would be my career, so I might go for it anyway. I once had a co-worker with benefits, and though I don't regret what we did, it did make things a bit tense.

    Mostly though, just be respectful, and wear a condom. You don't want to be a baby daddy at 18 (I'm guessing!)
  12. turn the tap on then turn that shit off so you dont waste to much water in the drain.
  13. Just go out with her, you said you dont really like her so it should be easier on you since you should be less nervous. Dont think about the future ever thats what gets girls running away from guys labeling them as creepers. Your going on a date to have fun so have fun and live in the moment and if it was meant to be you guys will progress into a relationship but just dont think about it.
  14. Have a good time with her, you might end up liking her more than you expected. Just be yourself and think nothing of it being an "actual date". It will calm you down, and you never know if there's chemistry it might be really easy to talk to her.
  15. Fuck, leave.
  16. How important is your job to you? If it is just a tiny bit important I say do not get involved. Besides the normal BS drama a girl will bring to work, you have the chance of getting fired. Say sorry to your dick, cus logic wins out on this one.
  17. she's been asking you out for awhile now, and you don't want to slam her? wtf dude. Go hang out with her. She's already wants your dick if she's asking you to hang out. Never miss out on an opportunity like this.
  18. You won't have any idea what you're doing until you face your fear. Either it will go well, or you will end up learning with a tragedy, or BOTH. Just face it, our advice will not help.
  19. The dick, give her the dick, she wants your dick!!!
  20. go out with her man.. I just went out with a chick a few days back and I was having those "feelings" but then I thought about it and I was like.. shit what else do I have to do? nothing.. ok then why not go out and see where the night takes me and I'm glad I did because shes pretty chill.

    dude ur 18 and ur makin 16 an hour? I'm 18 and I'm trying to get this job right now that pays 13 an hour. soo looks like ur on the right path with makin money and startin ur life.. if shes a chill girl thats cute and she likes u then u should go out with her man.. just let her know "Hey I really like hangin with u and all but I'm scared about our work and how strict it is with dating so lets just keep this on the down low" Just be chill with her and because ur not all into her and everything then there should be no worries.. just calmly hang out and relax and just do whatever and go with the flow and be upfront and honest since ur not losing anything if she turns out to not like u.

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