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    if you guys hate the fedral goverment and corperate machinations why would you not do everything to get ron paul in office(saying he wont make it is admitting defeat)

    i mean
    you may be right about corprerate companies controlling us but

    but im still gonna give ron paul the chance (you can look up videos of him doing all kinds of awsome things)

    he doesnt smoke but believes its a humans right to decide.
    he wants less power for the fedral goverment and more to the states and people.
    more constitutional dependancy.
    he has even openly declared to the people in congress during the session that he wants to know why we dont own the fedral reserve and that this corprate bullcrap needs to end

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_7W0U_BuVU"]YouTube- Ron Paul to Obama: Don't Assassinate American Citizens![/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncw39IADHa4"]YouTube- Ron Paul: Open the Federal Reserve's Secret Archives![/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufekh_SwZd0"]YouTube- Ron Paul debates Stephen Baldwin on Legalizing Marijuana on CNN Larry King 03/13/2009[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LZ-upl6Dk8"]YouTube- Ron Paul CPAC 2010 (1/3): Stop the Wars, End the Fed, Regain our Liberties![/ame]

    (this isnt a open attack on people who believe dems or republicans im just saying if thier is a chance we can have something better why not grasp it? =/)
  2. I dont know much about Ron Paul but he sounds too unorthodox for America. People cry about Obama being a socialist yada yada imagine how much disagreement there would be with Ron Paul, there needs to be gradual change but not this immediate
  3. ron paul has a lot of the right ideas. i voted for him last election and will this one too.

    the issue is, a vast majority of americans dont think outside the box. they are just sheep. oh theres two presidential candidates? republican or democrat? well since im a registered republican i better vote republican! but really, as it stands now we will never have a third party president elected. the other two parties have too much power, and when a third party candidate gets close theres no doubt in my mind the repubs and democrats will do EVERYTHING they can (working together) to KEEP that person out, because for example, ron paul threatens all of their ways of life. all of their luxuries they get for being politicians.

    i personally think that ron paul is what this country NEEDS right NOW. but MSM keeps all the sheeple focused on repubs/democrats, and everyone thinks the smaller parties are just a joke. sad but true, this is the world we live in. it wont change until people get their heads out of their asses and realize we are long long overdue for some shit to change in this country.
  4. i would rather have unorthodox freedom than discontent and lies(not a attack on you just saying people need to understand that something good only comes along so often,also hes not new hes ran twice now and garnerd alot of support because hes been saying the same stuff for years "free the people")

  5. have you read any of ron pauls ideas? i doubt any sane american could really complain about what ron paul is looking to do. end the war on terror, end the war on drugs, cut down the size of the federal government, give the states more power, audit/end the fed, etc...

    these are all things OUR COUNTRY NEEDS NOW. right now we are prolonging our downfall by doing all this stupid shit, and eventually we are going to not have anyone to loan us any money and were gonna be up shit creek without even so much as a BOAT to float in... we're all gonna see that soon anyways, assuming we dont get some people like ron paul into power.
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    this isnt nesesairly true people are wakeing up i recently had my parents (dems) pull me aside and talk to me about him and how they like him.

    me and the girl and some friend are gonna start now all the way to 2012 posting vote ron paul everywhere

    i trust in you friend we can make this place better.this is even more important then just the war on drugs.

    i believe if we do enough we can get past the media.
  7. Sure he has some great ideas that we might all agree on but he does not nor will he ever possess any of the required characteristics that one needs to be considered a viable candidate for the office.
    He is trying too hard to paint an ugly picture of what we are as a country. No one likes that on both sides of the aisle. All he needs to be taken seriously is a great PR firm to spiffy up his image to become more accepted by the mainstream establishment.
    Look at Nader, he was very similar to Paul but his image and demeanor did not get him far at all. It is not what you say, but rather how you say it in US Politics. He needs an attention getting gimmick but I think he is too gruff to be able to come up with one that will attract the positive attention he needs.
  8. "I don't know anything about Ron Paul so I think he's a radical."

  9. once again just like marijuana its up to us to educate people about him.we need to stop having our heads shoved so far up our asses that we cant see someone for the gift they really are.

    im sorry in a world were the kardashians and reality tv are destroying everything

    we need to stop takeing the side of idiots and thinking so cynicaly.

    of course he wont get into office if your gonna sit thier and say
    "o....hes good but he doesnt talk right so im not voting for him".

    i meen what is that -_-?

    (this isnt a personal attack i just would like you to udnerstand how bad things will go if we dont get someone like him in thier.)

    educate people.
    some may be dumb but they can be taught that thier is another choice for freedom
  10. Based on what I saw last election, having been very active in the campaign for Ron Paul, is that I question his judgment on a few things that gave me some concern.

    His judgment of people : some of the campaign people didn't have the same values that he does and so they didn't represent him well.

    His spending : I appreciate a bit of fiscal responsibility but he was so tight that he ended up not having signs and literature until two days before the election. People were calling me from all over IL desperate for materials, and I there was nothing I could do for them except paint some banners in my garage and give them out unofficially.

    Secrecy : The whole setting up of the C4L was very exclusive, rather than inclusive of all the volunteers. And their policy requiring money to join in order to get "training" to help them later on to me was just stupid.

    So anyway, I love the guy, but I don't think he's got the right judgment to be president. He needs to be in the elections though, cuz without him they other aholes would just control the debate and never talk about anything important.
  11. The biggest problem Ron Paul has, practically speaking, is so many Ron Paul supporters are kooks and assholes who are more interested in "RON PAUL!!! RON PAUL!!!!!!" then actually making progress in changing the system.

  12. i feel that this applies to every presidential candidate. especially obama. come on dude
  13. Erm, I think you might not be familiar with some of the antics of Ron Paul supporters. They've made him look really bad.

    They are seriously people I don't want to associate with, because they're fucking creepy.

    I'm talking more creepy than the Alex Jones, Rense.com, PrisonPlanet type of folks. Those folks are generally just mildly amusing. But the Paulnuts are fucking creepy.

    If RP's biggest supporters would shut the fuck up he would become more popular, but they turn people away from him in a big way.

  14. maybe thats the issue is people don't want to look and see what ron paul is actually about, they just see someone else talking to him and they decide hes a bad choice. but thats their fault, not ron pauls

  15. I'm not saying it's RPs fault. I'm saying that the biggest problem RP has is batshit crazy obnoxious supporters who cause people to become 'turned off' on RP.

    The biggest thing these people could do to help RP would be to just shut up already.
  16. this is a valid post thank you for adding somehting to this.

    while i accept your point i believe people like us could bring him up more.

    we dont ened to be part of "his" campaign to spread his word

    i understand though
  17. see but we can change this "we the people"

    you dont have to work for him to help him get into office.
    educate your fellow man.

    put up signs.

    debate with people about the policies we currently follow

    thier a a billion things other then just "ron paul!!!!!!!"

    that can be said.
  18. yes and no with this.i understand what you meen by some of "us" being alittle kooky.

    but the best way to work is to just not associate.

    not all of us are bad people.

    i go give charity.
    i help those that i see need help.

    be a good person and spread the word.

    cause the national media is gonna make a independant invisable compared to the big runners

    its our job to make it so the media doesnt blot him out
  19. Like most Ron Paul supporters you're not getting it. The kooky people are the problem, because in America perception is reality.

    There is a reason that, during the election, Obama made sure Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, ACORN, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and all his other radical buddies were nowhere near microphones. When people see what a candidate's biggest supporters are like, and they are batshit crazy, they don't want anything to do with that candidate.

    When Ron Paul supporters corner people, and start screaming at them about how 9/11 was an inside job, no one takes RP seriously. His supporters need to start acting fucking normal.

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