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  1. so, my girl of 5 years and sometime just went for a 3 week stint in portsmouth due to her job, so its just me and my little bro, hanging out...

    but ive been thinking, i really love her, we never fight, we respect each other, and things like that

    but ive been thinking about getting hitched, buying a ring and getting down on one knee...again we've been together for 5 years (it felt shorter, i swear), but we are still relatively young, we are both in our early 20s, and have been together since mid-teens...i dont want to be one of those couples whose married really young, ends up with two kids and shit spoils...

    i know shes always wanted a fancy wedding and kids (ofcourse those will wait)

    i dont really know what im even trying to say here, i cant even sleep if shes not right next to me, days are getting longer, and every phone call with her i feel like its too short, and its somewhat of a tease due to the fact i cant see her...

    anyone here been married or engaged? im really mixed up about this....
  2. It's called love, man... It's a confusing thing.

    Of course, go with the thing that love comes from... your heart, man! :hello:
  3. your ready when your ready, dont take others advice, just be smart about it, my brother got married the week after he turned 18, had his first kid when he was 19... 15 years later they have two kids, and couldnt be happier.

    you are the only one who knows when your ready. sounds like you got a keeper, you can always buy or if money is tight finance a ring, and wait on the wedding you dont have to hurry the wedding because she wants something fancy, then wait until you can afford what she wants (if yall have to pay out of pocket.)

    none the less you could be engauged for years before getting married. so dont worry so much about marriage and get that girl a ring

    if she loves you she wont rush you. and she will be there when you decide to walk that isle
  4. yeah, i know what your saying, but im not sure if its coming from my heart of my head (the one ON my shoulders), my head just cant seem to slow down, its not processing anything very well, and i could barely sit in class today (com. college) and think about it, and my last class, i left like 15 minutes early and just sat in my truck, trying to think....its like i dont even know whats up or down anymore the pressure of the idea just keeps pushing its way through and distracting me from nearly everything...shit i could barely even pack the bowl this morning without thinking of her sitting there, waiting for me to puff it up and pass it to her:(

  5. Ok, then you REALLY got a keeper...:smoking:

    Do what feels right..... an if you don't know, ask her what she thinks.....
  6. As its been said before, cannot remember when or where, but...

    "it's okay to need someone"

    Nothing wrong with wanting her there of course.

    What happens when your mind is so confused by such a subject where it forces itself to contemplate it... theres really not much you can do.

    Think about it this way... is it really that bad? Would you rather not think about her? Or always have her on your mind?

    I'm afraid I can't really offer much help, simply because I have never been down that path, but basically... don't avoid it, and be optimistic...

    You are in LOVE! That's an experience I would die for.
  7. You have been together for 5 years. Were the 2 of you friends before you became lovers? That's what worked for me.

    My lady and I have been together for 21 years, married for over 16. Things are just as great as they have ever been.
  8. i was going to say that maybe its just infatuation but then again you have been together for 5 years...sounds like you are in love dude:hello:
  9. we barely knew each other before we started dating, she went to my high school...i partied like my name was rick james, so i was pullin out a beer, and about to spark another joint...and i saw her talking to one of my friends, and he motioned his head for me to come over...joint hanging out from behind my ear, and drinking a can of PBR (thats how i roll...with the blue ribbon), we started talking, i was too fucked up to drive, and she came with a friend who left her...so she drove my car to my house, we smoked out, and another one of her friends picked her up at my place...she wrote her number on a napkin with a little note saying "hope your hang over wasnt too bad, call me tomorrow"...called her up after work, we went out got some food, and the rest is history

    and jesus, 21 years...i would have had to dated her when i was born :eek:....

    and her daddy will pay for her wedding...her dad does contracting work, hes got big money....i would just have to get a ring...
  10. I am a huge fan of the personal commitment, I am married and love everything about my wife, and your post sounds like you may be ready.

    Just remember, marriage is not a big ceremony, or kids, or going to work to support a spouse, or responsibility, those are by-products of love. Marriage is the unification of two separate souls, forming a union that must withstand trials, tribulations and temptations that a single person does not have. 5 years together and still strong, you have a great start, that is an accomplishment in itself.

    You must read your own words, I think your mind is already made up. Like Lenny says, you gotta let love rule!
  11. Please do yourself a favour and IGNORE ALL ADVICE in this thread (except for mine ;))

    You are the only one who can answer the questions you want the answers to. None but you knows your relationship better than you do. 5 years is a long time to be with a girlfriend and logically the next step is marriage, but only you can determine when/if you are ready.

    My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over 3 years (living together for 2), and we've both known we'd be getting married shortly after only a few months of dating, we're both just waiting until our lives are in order, and the finances are in place (weddings AIN'T CHEEEEP) before 'taking the plunge'...

    Then again, we're already common law in the eyes of the law...

    Good luck with whatever you decide! You have quite the catch, don't let her go!
  12. i think im probably going to do it, any advice on what to do...

    im thinking

    im going to cook lemon ginger shrimp rolls to start it off

    then a filet mingon slightly seasoned, with sauteed veggies on the side

    then for dessert im thinking im gonna make a chocolate gonache cake of some sort (anyone got a recipe, i know a few, but i would like something new)

    have hershey kissses on the cake surrounding the it, and at the very bottom of the circle (im going to put hers and my name into somehow) the rings gonna be right there

    and then post-dinner bong rips of some butter bud i just picked it (its so soft and has fluffy, yet is so dense, beautiful hairs all over it...)...

    im really nervous...
  13. I'm no cook (or no fish lover), but it sounds like you have a wonderful(ly stressfull for you) evening ahead of you :)

    I wish you luck, and you better keep us in the loop!

  14. Don't get married. Love your girl. Move in with her. Make up silly pet names for each other. But NEVER GET MARRIED.

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