I Realized Last Night I Don't Like A lot of My Friends

Discussion in 'General' started by TLF1088, May 30, 2009.

  1. So, I was at a party last night. It was small, "close" friends, 8 or 9 people.

    I end up smoking almost a gram of some crazy, crazy dank and was baked out of my mind. I went around to a couple people and just could not for the life of me seem to strike up an interesting conversation with a single person. So I pour a glass of wine and just go and sit in the living room which is where almost everyone is.

    I just sit there and listen to everyone. I don't talk for about an hour. In that hour of listening I came to a conclusion which I have no idea how to handle. I don't really like these people. People I've considered close friends for years. I don't have anything in common with them. They've never heard of the movies I like, or the books or authors I read, they don't like the music I like, they don't understand my humor, and they just seem so completely immature. In fact some of the things they would say would actually make me feel embarrassed for them and uncomfortable.

    It just got worse and worse as the night progressed....people getting more and more drunk, stumbling around acting like idiots and saying stupid things, passing out on the kitchen floor.

    Things got to a point where I just had to leave abruptly. I got up, said a quick goodbye and headed out the door. I just had to leave the house. I left so quick I forgot about half a gram of dank which I'm sure has disappeared by now.

    I really hope this post doesn't make me seem like a dick. Although I do kind of feel like one for thinking about this of my friends.
  2. Man..

    Don't even sweat it, I felt the same way about my friends. You just need to meet some new interesting people, things change and so do people. Now that I think about it one of my friends is reeeeeeeeeeal fuckin' close to getting his ass beat for being a snob. The sad thing is... I can't wait to do it.
  3. Branch out, talk to people you know but have never hung out with and then go see if it's cool to hang out with them.
  4. I'm more worried at the fact I now have no interest in talking to like 6 of my close friends now.

    What am I suppose to tell them?
  5. i feel ya man. i've been friends with a shit ton of douche bags over the years, and once u start realize how different u r from them, the more u start to hate them. and it probably wont stop, unless all ur friends miraculously change the way they r.... i say find a new crowd to hang out with. it might take some time to find some ppl that u get along with... but it's worth it n the end.
  6. When your blown you tend to just examine people alot more.

    I realised what a child my old boss was when i had to take a car ride with him for 10 min.

    thats how quickly i realised...wow...
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    Same thing happened to me awhile back, and no way does this make u a jerk. You've just come to a pt. in your life where you've grown up more than they have, and its totally natural for ppl to grow apart. In fact, it makes u a better person that you feel badly for them, and want to respectfully move on rather than just ditching them.
    I've met a lot of cool friends by just talking to people around my school, work/school are great places to discover others w/ common interests. Or if ur out somewhere, like at the gym or w/e, and see someone wearing a tee shirt of a band u like, try and strike up a convo w/ them b.c there is already a common interest you have. And if you're a creeper like me (haha not really, I'm always careful bout meeting ppl, I bring someone trusted w/ me) but I have met tokers from around my hometown on this site. One I am actually dating right now :D
    Also, if any of your family lives nearby and are close to your age (siblings, cousins, etc.) maybe they can introduce u to cool new ppl. There are a lot of ways to meet cool new friends, and from what youre experiencing now it seems you won't have a problem determining if they are the RIGHT kind of ppl for u to hang with.

    Hope this helps, and again dont feel too badly. It took me 6 yrs of finding myself, and finally finding people that I clicked with, in my school district before I had what I considered my first "true" friends of my young adult life. Good luck meeting new people- just relax, be yourself and HAVE FUN :)

    EDIT: Lol way for me to not answer your actual question there. All I would probly say to them is, I'm sorry but I've changed a lot lately, and I think we have grown apart. Let your friends know you had some good times w/ them, and appreciate all they did for you, but now are moving on to find a new group that better suits your interests. Try to be as polite and gentle as possible with this, and there should be no hard feelings. After all, if they are ALL immature and silly like you say, they should enjoy each others' company just fine w/o needing you to complete the group ;)
  8. Find new friends?
  9. look for new friends, but dont just tell all those people they suck, u might find u like to chill with them every now and then just much less often.
  10. Perhaps your just bored of them. I get tired of all my mates after a while. Take a week or two without seeing them and when you come back you'll wanna hang and do stuff.
  11. you dont like any of em? none of em at all? what got yall started hanging out in the first place then?
  12. I feel ya man. Unfortunately I feel like weed + parties = not much convo (especially if they are drunk) Drunk + party = lots of convo. this is what ive found..

    I feel like when im high I analyze everyone too much, especially if im the only one high. If everyone is high i feel more comfortable.
  13. your never going to find the ideal group of friends.obviously im only some guy on the internet,but you should take what you can get as far as that goes.Its better than having no friends,and maybe theyll have your back someday when you really need it.
  14. you should get drunk with them and at some point try to realize what you are doing...

    chances are you might act immature like them.

    you might just have to try and find new friends though

  15. You're talking to someone who can out-drink anyone anytime.

    However, I no longer get drunk. Or if I do it's very rare occasions, has to be something special.

    My father just came out of rehab for alcoholism a few months ago. It runs in my family. His mother has alcohol dementia, doesn't even know who anyone is or what decade it even is.

    The problem is I'm really a huge, huge nerd. My favorite topics of conversation are politics, history, evolutionary biology, Star Wars, and anime.

    Most of my friends are the typical college "bros."
  16. I'm right with you bro. It seems that all of my friends are constantly condescending people to make themselves look smart/cool. They don't direct it towards me, usually, but thats just not what I'm about. There are multiple cases where things go missing, again not me, but other people. Just recently, a kid who i am pretty good friends with stole 14 grams from my best friend who deals at a party. It ended up in a fistfight at another party. I envy the people who are able to sit down with a group of close friends and enjoy every second of it. I havn't been able to do so. The saying "Good friends are hard to come by" is so true it scares me.

    So for the people who do have good friends, and know it, think about these posts and realize how lucky you are :smoke:
  17. im starting to get tired/annoyed at my friends who i've known since middle school. :(
  18. i think its cause you were like the only one high.
    if you were drunk with them, youd be like FUCK I LOOOOVE YOU GUYS.
    last night i drank a bit and then blazed, and i just felt so like.. cautious about everything.
    i find that at parties, its so much better to drink if everyones drinking, even though i blaze at like every party.
    but if everyone is blazing, then blaze with them.
    i felt the same way about my friends last night, i didnt even want to be at the party at one point.
  19. Fake your death, hire a fake lawyer to ask for revenue to fund your funeral because none of your family will fund an assholes funeral, get $10,000, lose your friends, and live happily ever after,

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