I realized how lazy I was today...

Discussion in 'General' started by manchoo100, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. As I was feeding my dog lucky charms (Kept procrastinating the grocery store).

    My worst example of complete laziness was letting my cat shit in the bag of cat litter for 3 days. Yeah I knew she was doing it, yeah I knew her box was full. Just to lazy to go downstairs in the basement to mess with it....

    Pretty bad for a grown man :rolleyes:
  2. LOL, cat shitting in the litter bag, well trained
  3. Shit, Im too lazy to even get up much less clean my cats poop. It's a miracle Im not fat due to how lazy I am.

    Im right there with ya, m8.
  4. That's pretty bad. Get off your ass dude.
  5. 2nd this :D
  6. hehe I just thought I would share. I was toked up on some dank as I was feeding my dog (I feel bad but on lunch break - no time for store) and caught the giggles about it :rolleyes:
  7. Cleanin the litter box sucks. I really hate having a cat.
  8. I wish they'd stay kittens forever.. Then I wouldn't mind.
  9. :confused::confused::confused:

  10. Yea cause then you could wait like 3x as long to change it. Only cats I like are fat cats. So soft and easy to catch :smoke:
  11. We have a cover on our litter box and once every two days when I have to clean it. Nothing beats that fresh smell of stale catshit... sometimes the bastard doesn't even cover it up. Must be his big F-U to me for not cleaning it more often!
  12. Don't you just hate when your cat decides to take a shit WHILE you're cleaning the box?
  13. My cat always takes a piss/shit after i clean mine..

    god i did the cat box today, i swear their was a 5 pound piss brick of cat litter

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