I realized how human life got started

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  1. Two apes were having a baby, their tribe was around them. All of a sudden popped out two humans, a boy and a girl. The apes were startled and about to kill the fuck out of these mutant babies, but the aliens came and killed the fuck out of those apes. The aliens became a father figure to the babies, even though their planet Adamous Eviena was far away. The aliens gave rules to the new humans, hoping it would start a successful society. This alien race as a father figure later changed in history to a heavenly father, creating all the stories you can read today. Lastly, the aliens named these two babies after their home planet, Adamous Eviena, naming one child Adam and one child Eve.

    And that's how humans got started.
  2. Good creative writing!
  3. I give you an A*. Enjoy it.
  4. This isn't creative writing, it's straight truth :smoking: :rolleyes:
  5. So it isn't a positive paragraph of text about creation?
  6. I feel like it's both evolution and creationism
  7. It does read that way.

    But its not true.
  8. Plausible.
  9. I have similar ideas.

    I'm thinking a bipedal hominid gave birth to hairless albino child, and maternal instincts will nurture mutant child (even jaguars raise orphan monkeys), and just basically mated and slowly introduced more of the pink pigment children.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Then we demanded something called evidence...

  12. Was meant to be humorous? Trolling? Whatever it was, it failed, horribly.
  13. I dont know, Therefore aliens!

    Could this pencil be a gateway to the stars?
  14. [quote name='"WizzleFan"']Was meant to be humorous? Trolling? Whatever it was, it failed, horribly.[/quote]

    It was meant to be high, and it succeeded :smoke:
  15. So we're the product of weird monkey alien fucking.


  16. How did two apes conceive two human babies?
  17. [quote name='"meddlehaze"']

    How did two apes conceive two human babies?[/quote]

    I think he smoked too much weed and watched too many episodes of Ancient Aliens.
    So the answer will be "aliens!"

  18. :laughing:

    He's probably not serious, but I do enjoy a nice thought experiment :D
  19. I agree X2 lol

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