I ran 14 miles today!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hiimhi, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Yep, 14 miles in an hour and a half, I'm pretty proud of myself!

    Time to smoke a couple well earned bowls:smoke:

    Anyone else do anything they're proud of today?
  2. Congrats. How the hell did you run 14 miles in hr and half.

    I rank a 5k in 29:00 min haha!!!

    I am proud that I studied some today and picked up a quarter of more Candy:wave:
  3. picked up a guitar for the first time in months and learned 90% of my favorite song (yesterday - beatles).

    nothing too momentous.

  4. haha I honestly don't even know, I haven't ran in a long time, however I do a lot of jump roping and a LOT of boxing so my stamina is top shape:hello:

    I'm going to start running a LOT to see how fast I can really get:cool:
  5. i ran home from work today, maybe 1.25 miles lol. still felt really good nonetheless
  6. Damn dude thats not a bad time. Im going to start running again tommorrow. And im proud im almost done with school and almost halfway though my T break. Im going to get super high when im done :hello:
  7. you should run a marathon trust me you get high !

  8. maybe one day haha I got some other goals I want to accomplish first:D
  9. I can't run one mile without breaking down in asthmatic wheezing and heart palpitations.

    my cardio stamina has always been abysmal. Upper body strength, weight training, sure, but anything that requires cardio kills me.
  10. Cardio is the most important part my friend!
  11. It would take me longer than that to drive 14 miles, since I'd probably pull over to eat, go to the bathroom and take a nap. :D

  12. Maybe a binge load.. or seven?
  13. Fuck asthma and running, I swim instead

    Today I took a geo exam for my lab that I felt like I did alright in. It was harder than I thought it would be. I also finished shooting most of my film for my project, which makes me feel good. I like partaking in the development and printing process, not just the taking the picture part.
  14. 14 miles in 90 min? youre averaging a 6 min mile.

    Hats off. Im still trying to down below 8. im at 845

    Evil :smoke:

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