i quit smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, May 27, 2006.

  1. cigs of course. never weed.

    yeah i woke up this morning and my throat was burning and i feel like shit and am coughing my brains out.

    anyways, i decided after much deliberation to quit smoking. we'll see how long it lasts! hahah.

  2. good luck bro!
  3. You had me scared there for a minute, TINR.

    I can't come all the way to flordia just to kick your ass anyways :p

    Good luck with the quitting smoking bud!
  4. haha thanks d00ds

    and rasta, i knew the title would fool all of you!

  5. Good luck man! What kind of cigs. you smoke? My friend, younger than me, smokes shit load of cigs. Still in highschool..its a shame to see.
  6. quick q....are you also gonna stop smokin blunts?

  7. ooooh good question.
  8. Good luck man, good luck. I told myself I'd quit cigs for the summer at least (truely impossible to avoid at school...). Unfortunately the last three packs I've bought have been my last pack...best of luck to you. I really need to aquire some discipline...yeah..
  9. Blunt are the only exception. :smoking:
  10. wow, about gave me a heart attack, i skimmed over the title thread pages, saw i quit smkoing, moved on, saw it again, with TINR under it, and wa slike WTF and freaked out, thank god it was ciggs haha, id have to shoot ur ass with a bbgun.

  11. abso-fucking-lutely.

    good call tinr.
  12. god damn right

    blunts i can justify...i mean it's such a minimal ammount of tobacco...nothing like a cig.

    and i USED to smoke camel lights...and damn they are so tasty! haha but i've been smoking too much lately man.

    haha got you nush :hello:!!!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Good luck on quitting bro.

    Its weird with me, I smoke Newports. But its like, I dont buy packs often. Like i aient bought a pack in over a week or two. I cant remeber. Where i go to school, Well adult ed, We're allowed to smoke cuz we adults on break so i always bum ports because everybody smoke em. Ill throw people a dollar or two for a couple ports here n there. When i got a pack ill bum people them too so its all good.

    But like, In my house out of the 4 of us im the only smoker. And only my bro knows i smoke. My folks dont because my ma used to smoke she quit and my dads is like mad anti-tobbaco. But smokes herb and drinks with me.

    But like i aient got no sqaures right now, I aient smoked one all day and it dont bother me at all. I dont really care.

    I enjoy them and at certain times and places i crave them, But like if im at the crib i jus have no desire for them.

    So i think i could quit at anytime without any problem.

    But i choose to smoke them at like adult ed because it helps with stress and if i dont got hebr there ill smoke a square or after smoking ill smoke a square.

    I only want to smoke when i see other people smoking or im at adult ed, Since i live in a house where no one smokes cigs jus blunts i dont crave them much. I do, But not much.

    Im weird like that lol.

    Yes im drunk, So i prolly repated shit alot and dont make sense, I dunno.
  15. haha KSR, im drunk too so its all good here:smoking:

  16. Good luck man :) Try chewing sunflower seeds, they apparently have natural nicotine in them.
    It is possible to quit! I was a heavy smoker for 5 years and i quit for 2 weeks about 3 weeks ago, I'm smoking again now, but planning on trying to quit again. I guess the main thing is just dont quit quitting ya kno? I'm inclined to try quit and then ill have a cig n be like "ahh fuck quitting" and Ive just gotta stop doing that!
  17. i saw the thread and got scared.

    good to know that it's cigs though.


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