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I quit smoking for a weird reason

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LeMojave, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Now let me start off by saying i love weed and I always will, it helped me through a tough part of my life and always made me feel good except the odd beginners panic attack but other then that i have nothing bad to say about the herb, I started at 18 and i have been smoking straight for 1 year and I am finally noticing something a little strange... I feel like i have been a different person while smoking up, its like the real sober me was never there... it makes no sense but this is really how i feel not to mention I feel like ive made myself dumber? I know weed doesnt kill brain cells but before taking weed i had am attention problem and a memory problem, it has always been hard for me to pay attention or even remember little things i did within the hour. I believe i covered these symptoms up with weed and just made them a whole lot worse, i have trouble communicating at work and structuring a sentence or even trying to find a simple word can be hell, this was never the case before i smoked weed because i can remember being able to socialise perfectly and paying attention wasnt as hard. 
    I quit on sunday and I do plan on smoking again in the future but i feel i need to take a break and re train myself on everything that i am having troubles with (all explained up above) so has anyone else experienced this? could it be cause i started late in the weed game so i'm used to the sober life more? or does it all come down to covering up my problems i had before weed?

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  2. Just have yourself 2 weeks+ off the herb and then see how you feel.
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  3. i think i know what you mean. i definitely felt like being high 24/7 was the way to go (still kinda do) cause it brought out my "true self". however, i have recently realized that this high self is more impulsive and NOT always a brilliant genius. I actually do a lot of stupid shit high lol
's entirely up to you and what you believe. if you believe weed's covering up your problems and you want to take a break, then take a break and see how you feel. IMO, you can convince yourself either scenario is happening. think you'll have trouble communicating b/c of weed or whatever reason, and you will. 
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  4. dont let anyone else tell you how long you need to quit for.  Weed is not for everybody, likewise it affects everyone differently.  One of my best friends quit smoking weed for a similar reason, but still loves cannabis and currently is living in LA growing, and being a caretaker and he hasnt smoked weed in almost 5 years.  Just because weed is your passion, doesnt mean you have to smoke it, getting high is not the the only good part about weed.  Good luck with your decision and i hope weed remains a part of your life!
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  6. i disagree. being high 24/7 is really fucking fun IMO but you just get tired of it after a while. 
  7. haha yea i thought that after i typed it.
  8. I would usually get high right after work 6pm and stop around 10pm and spend my weekends high 24/7 and i feel its harder to communicate when i'm high to people i don't know, i start to get really paranoid... its fucked! but with friends or at a party then there is no issue 
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    i feel exactly the same way. i love being high but i get some social anxiety. i think tolerance helps. i just want it go back to the good ol days of smoking blunts and talking to girls about the most absurd shit lmao
    btw i dont think its actually possible to be high 24/7 if you sleep...LOL
  10. Yeah I hear ya man. You don't think about it when you're always ripped, but once you stop, you realize how fucked up you are.
  11. If you can't properly form a sentence at 19 years old you should probably see some sort of doctor. Not being an asshole but unless you're blowing down an ounce every few hours you should be able to function halfway decently. 
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  12. How often did you smoke? Moderation is the key my man. I tried being high 24/7 for a week or so over summer break but I didn't enjoy it that much. Try only smoking on weekends or something. That's what I'm doing now and it has been much more fun. 
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    If you are sober and you still feel "high" or just not right, there is always a possibility of depersonalization. Its a stretch, but weed can trigger it. A stretch........
  14. Being lightweight and able to get high faster is at my advantage. Getting high everyday for like a month then being dry for a few days you feel fucked up in the head. Ive been sober like 2 months. Still see what you mean man. Memory all kinds of fucked up. Just something you have to deal with if you love the herb and want to continue. It matters on the user. I personally will never stop until I'm dead but that's when I'm ready to start smoking again.
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    - Cannabis doesn't kill brain cells but Oxygen deprivation does, that's why you shouldn't hold in for more than 3-5 seconds. 
    - Stop letting Cannabis over power your mind, it's not the end of the world if you don't have it. 
    - Short term memory? Why do you need to remember insignificant details, who's asking you for them?
    - Socially inept? Try a Sativa.
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  16. Actually weed does kill brain cells. It is not because of the things in it. It is the smoke, so ya it does. The smoke replaces the oxygen in your lungs that your brain cells need to function and live. So when there is little to no oxygen they die.
  17. I have this same feeling too and I think it's because weed has a half life in the blood stream. This means you never really get sober quickly. Alcohol is linear where you remove about 1 drink an hour but with weed you get rid of like half every 2 hours. This means that the effects linger the day after you smoke and even a few days after a big session.

    So the feeling you are getting where you can't form sentences etc. is because even though you don't smoke 24/7 you are basically high to some extent 24/7.

    Try not smoking for about a week to let most everything clear out of your system and there will be no long term effects on you at all.

    Being kindve slow and bad on memory gets annoying after a while haha,
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    If you were to sit there and hold your hit in for minutes on end until your red in the face, rolling about on the floor... Nothing beats good "ol" oxygen deprivation! :laughing:
  19. .
    Actually no, it does not take long at all.
  20. How long exactly?
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