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I quit cigarettes and marijuana immediately

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 乔庆龙, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. I dropped out of high school and mixed my junior college diploma in Radio and TV University for three years. Now I have to decide to study in Japan and change my poverty situation...

    So I uninstalled all entertainment software that had nothing to do with learning Japanese and deleted all porn videos (goodbye Bibi Jones, AOI sora, Tsubasa amami, although you are beautiful, but you will affect my learning, so I have to draw a line with you!). I will not continue to post or reply in the future. In order to learn, I will withdraw from the account of this forum. Until I succeed in my studies in the future, it is estimated that the next login will be 6 or 7 years later. Thank you for helping me in this forum.,Thank you. In order to change the current situation of poverty and to be able to go to the United States and Amsterdam freely in the future, I have to quit these things now (online tells me that Thc and nicotine can lead to lower IQ).
    This post may seem silly. I know it's inappropriate not to post these things in this forum. If you break the rules, please delete them for me. Thank you.
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  2. Since you live in China why are you going to learn Japanese and study in Japan? Can't you study in China?
  3. THC does not lower your IQ, that's patently nuts.

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  4. 我改变主意了。我们的ditchweed即将成熟。我无法忍受诱惑,所以我坚持今年收获大麻并希望使用它,但它实际上并没有降低我的智商。你是对的。但滥用导致手颤,“不知道接下来要做什么,有点慢。” 我以前每天最多拿起货物至少每天要吸6或8根关节,在过去的几年里,给我带来了上述问题。我想也许你所在国家的优质大麻不会引起这种副作用。我也可以在中国购买一些草种,每克100至120元,但近年来互联网上有太多骗子,所以我只能吸一些Ditchweed和“Ditch charas。”,Ditchweed有蚜虫,蜘蛛螨,毛毛虫等,在charas中会有这些昆虫的尸体,也许它们会让我减速?我不知道,但印度的野生植物也有这些虫子的尸体,世界各地的野生植物也是如此。
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  6. china is japanese language looks,and i like.
  7. Damn I smoke Bob Marley everyday with a successful career. Family want kind of learning disabilities do u have
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  8. You smoke, I smoke, men all over the world smoke together, follow this feeling shake your legs, red eyes, stupid laughter. Sacred grass marijuana makes cosmic peace,
  9. I’ve got a double e and I’ve smoked every day for 35 years.
  10. 35 years? That's cool, we were all noobs once.
  11. The word “noob” wasn’t around then, but I guess you would say that.
    Let’s see, 56-21=35, yes, 35 years.
  12. When did 'newbie' start?
    In the 1960s–1970s the term "newbie" had a limited usage among U.S. troops in the Vietnam War as a slang term for a new man in a unit
    (AKA FNG)
  13. There is a discount on the effect of smoking every day. You can stop flying for a month in smoking, it gives you a real blow, but I don't think you can wait, sir, you are a heavy smoker, cool!
  14. Definitely stay in school.
  15. You say you pick bud to smoke daily?
    You may want to gather a whole bunch. Dry it just right and cure it for a month.
    Should improve the taste and smoke better.

  16. haha, that is agood idea
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  17. I feel like cannabis allows me to open my mind to learning things that would have never sparked my interest without it.
  18. yes,
    And you're right. A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets, each of whom is special. I am not like you. Whenever marijuana is mature, I will throw away my work and study and pick marijuana. Because I can't help it, I want to smoke every day. I came to work nearly two hours late this afternoon. I went to collect resin in the marijuana forest in the suburbs.

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