I put my lights up today.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by greeneyes420_us, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. I finally got my 4 foot 40 watt fluros up today.I have 4 of them.Is this enough to get some kind of yield?And does anybody know about hyow much i would get.I know it depends on the strain which im not sire of.But an estamation would be nice though.lol well thx in advance PEACE OUT
  2. but im very broke dude. very. i dont have 50 cents to ride the bus.So your tellin me i wont get nothin\.Not even a joint or two. i just want that to know i kinda succeded in my first grow.
  3. im using 2 40 watt flouros and it is going real slow but the plants(just 2 of them) look real healthy
    it sucks,,,, im in the same situation money wise and dont have even a fricken dollar to invest so im still spending what little cash i get on good bud to smoke
  4. Yes you will get "some" yield...,,,you must understand,,,this is like anything else,,,you get out,,what you put in...more light ...more buds....less time....

    It would be impossible for anyone to even give a close "guesstimate" of your yield,,we have no idea of how, you ,or your plant,,are growing,,etc..

    you just have to do your best with what you have,,hope for the best,,and be happy with whatever you get out of it.....hopefully the education will make further attempts,,more fruitfull......

  5. Hey there dudes sorry to hear about the money thang i was there too like people are gunna say go with HPS or HID lights in general but hello no money?! so wat i did was get sum powerfull FLOROS I mean get real high lumen output u kno they have lights that run for about 8 bucks that put out a pretty amount of light so now i have 2 33 watt grow n sho floroz for the vegetive stages then i put in 8 in. circular floro bulbs that add that extra power i need and nce i get my harvest in i can make a few bucks here and there and invest it in HID lighting!! well thats it 4 now back to smoking....

  6. The 40 watts work but are REALLY slow, and need lots of work on the plants. Most of the time ur plants will die but hey you make get half a join per 5 plants, lol.

    (this was info I recieved in a p.m.)
  7. well i have 5 fluros and theres only one plant.There not dying and are showing know signs of dying.Ihad a flood light and this kinda work light thing in there.But when i put the fluros they spruced up a alittle bit.I started it on 12 /12 about a week ago_Oh yeah and im gonna add probaly 2 more fluros hear in the next couple days.Il be happy with whatever kind of yield i get.
  8. my fricken cat ate my damn plants and now i have to start over,,,,,,any one want a cat???????
  9. LOL, how big were your plants? Did it have bud yet?

    Also the person with 5 flouresents and going to get more, your talking about the 40 watt 4 foot right??? For only one plant having 5 4' foot should be enough, because now when your adding more they are like a few feet away from the plant, no point.
  10. they were just starting to bud
  11. they were just starting to bud,,,,,,damn cat
  12. i'm going to SOG with 2 sets of 40watt flours. I hope i get something, i always thought i would but i keep hearing everyones negitive input. So whut do you mean by slow, how many more weeks will i have to wait, like double the time of a hps? Say you have a good strain that normly only takes 9 weeks to flower will take 12 to 15 maybe? Or something, or i don't know.... oh i wish i knew. But hey i'll find out on my own soon.
  13. overgrowray don't listen to that when I said it would be slow, that is just what I have heard from a few people, guessing most of them don't know anything. Back in the beginning wasn't everyone just using floresents??? What I have heard is its slower and takes more time working on them some reason. But I don't know. I am going to make a SOG(sea of green) with 6 40 watt flouresents, 3 sets of 2 lights in the light fixtures I have. And 2 400 watt HPS and 1 250 watt HPS. Then I will see how that all goes then later I will dump the 6 flouresents and the fixtures (what holds bulbs) and probably get rid of the HPS's as well for 2 1,000 watt HPS/MH :)

  14. hEy people aahh to my ahh buddy o pal' PotSmoker4Lyfe u dont HAVE to dump em *cough cough* lol dude whenever throw em diss way hahah to agladius I have a cat man sorry to hear about churs man thats the worst since i heard that i dont let mine come near my door lol but to overgrowray dont worry dude ive heard people get pretty descent yields man i mean common sense if u dont put in alot u wont get alot but 4 sum people WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE!! sNiFf sNiFf* but just like my best bud* lol PotSmoker4Lyfe said people used to use floros the whole 9 yards u kno? well im using floros and i aint trippin a bit u shouldnt either well thass bout it 4 now ....back to my smoking session....

  15. talk to me on AIM, maybe I can drive up to your place, I drive up there all the time!

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