i put in 255, my gf put in 125, all together....

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  1. cost 380, with tax 386.37. my girl got them 2day when i was at work. now were bout to finally blaze em.

    7mm(left) 5mm(right)
    glass no acrylic ish
    very expensive i know but me and my girl really wanted roor's. idk we just feel in love with them when we were in venice. well ill post back to tell how the hit. peace and much love.

  2. You paid that much for both of those?
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    bought online, weedcity.com we went to roor.com bout 4 days ago, it directed us to that website and thats where we bought em. there expensive i know. but w/e. we had the money at the time so we figured might as well buy em.
  4. Gotta give me a smoke report of that carbon filter man. I'm debating on getting one but not sure if it's worth it. Very nice tubes, enjoy them :bongin:
  5. well i just hit the straight away, wowow. coughed like for 5mins. carbon filter is dope, keeps everything so clean, takes out all impurities. definently should invest in one.

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