I punched out my friend over an xbox game

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Orbit, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Yo what up GC...haven't been on here in a while but this little incident just happened so I felt the need to share.

    So, it's a normal day, my buddy Jason was hanging out with me, smoking weed playing xbox you know. the usual.
    We were playing MLB 2K9. yea a sports game. we are competitive. So I beat his ass like 5 times in a row and he got furious

    I mean furioussssss. He started screaming at me and threw my controller. I told him to calm down. He didn't. Then I told him to leave my house. He said no. I pushed him toward the door and said to leave

    then he swung at me IN MY fucking house. I tried to calm him down again but he was past that so I punched him right in the nose and told him to leave my property.

    I don't think we friends anymore :laughing:

  2. dam sounds like some intense xboxing
  3. I know what you mean. My room mate and I cant play Street Fighter or NBA2k9 anymore.
  4. lol, wow. I've gotten pretty raged at some videogames over the years but I dont think I would ever take a swing at a friend over one.
  5. lol... sounds like your friend has an anger issue.
  6. you think that shit is crazy??? try playing gears of war 2 competitively lol that shit will make you want to drop kick someone out a window :devious:
  7. Thats what I call xBOX. Seriously though what a jerk, throwing your shit too...
  8. yea man. it was pretty wild.

    I still can't really believe I punched him...oh well haha

    I usually keep a cool head while playing games, especially a game where you go one on one with someone

    That's the first time xbox has come to blows though :laughing: I'm sure he'll get over it
  9. Anybody who throws the first punch and gets hit back should understand why they got hit. If somebody was throwing my controllers around, yelling at me, and refusing to leave my house he would definitely be getting hit if he swung first, friend or not. I have a friend who I hurt sometimes but he gets over it.
  10. ..me and my friends used to beat each other up all the time over halo..lol...we'd just chill play halo and needless to say we are assholes to eachother and it would come to wrestling and blood..then smoking weed..chilling..apologizing...and play halo agian :p
  11. Hahaha i dont know why man but thats fucking hilarious.

    Im sure you two will reconcile and look back on it as funny as shit, too :).

    Or not
  12. I don't man... :laughing: throwing a swing, missing, then getting nailed is a pretty big upset.
  13. the only way we will ever go back to being friends is if he smokes copious amounts of weed with me first :cool:

    and I think that won't happen...I don't need an asshat like that in my life anyway, no matter how long I've known him

    he sucks.
  14. i just lost a good friend over some stupid shit too. it sucks but its not the end of the world :(. hope everything works out for u OP!
  15. ive been in some heated nba 2k9 games with friends but never to the point where a controller is thrown and shit like that haha...that kid sounds like a douche, if he gets so angry over losing in a video game he needs to grow up and chill out.
  16. ^ ahaha lol

    yea pretty much.

    that new UFC game has put some friendships to the test as well.

    geez. I can't help it that I'm naturally talented at video games but my friends are ready to stab me at any point because they get knocked out by Dan Henderson every time :)

    ahhh xbox, so much joy. so much pain.

  17. lol, I hate that awkward silence after about 5 matches and one person has just dominated every single match
  18. ahhh I've come to know this quite well. I enjoy it. GROUND and POUND haha
  19. I don't know, this is why I like being a guy the most, none of my friends tend to hold grudges.

    Some bad shit can pop off, then the next day it's like it never happened, we all ignore it and move on.

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