I Propose an Organic Forum

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Basenji, Jul 15, 2004.


Should there be an organic grow forum?

  1. Yeah!

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  2. No

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  1. I'm sure the idea has been thought about before, but I'm bringing it into the topic form for our mods and admin to see and hopefully consider. I would very much like to see an "Organic Growing" forum, where we who do grow organic can talk and share ideas. Devoting a whole new forum for this would be great! Because growing organic is like an art form. You need to achive a ballence of materials to simulate how MJ would grow in the wild. And it's not easy. I think a whole new forum would help out us organic growers. :)

    Anyone with me? Yay or nay?
  2. Advanced Growing Techniques

    Just start a thread in here and l,ll make it a sticky..

    We have considered it before but there wasn,t enough interest.
  3. Thanks, Critter. making one now.
  4. according to group rules u need a second.


    i second the motion that u need an organic forum.
  5. l meant start a thread about organic growing :D

    l,ll make that a sticky and people can add to it .

    lf enough people respond then we can look at a forum again :smoking:
  6. Why not sticky this one, and lock the other one instead? More people come into this forum, and so more people will have the chance to see it. :)
  7. hows it........count me in....i think dread would be up for it too.....his grow journal is just finishing and its an organic grow ....mines half way and its organic too.....my out side plant from last year was organic and this years will be the same...

    i would do a thread but as i seid my plants are only half way there and i know dreads working on one...

    laters jay
  8. hmmm id help with some type of something but i dunno what to do i just wanna help get this done into what it should be so count me in for w/e is going on...lol i told u i was slo
  9. Lots of support here...thanks guys. :D
  10. WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! RALLY THE TROOPS WE ARE MOVING ONWARD!!! lol i just thought i should put that there :)
  11. We just recently added many new forums to our Grow Area so this wouldn't be something that we'd do anytime soon. Like Critter said, just put the threads in the Advanced Growing Techniques forum. We've noted that there's an interest for this new forum but we have to have threads to back it up. If you guys start discussing Organic growing on a regular basis and we see the thread count expanding, we might add the forum at a later date. However, as of now, due to lack of threads and discussions on the subject, there is no need for a completely separate forum.

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