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  1. K, heres the story I was talking about later on in my Hell in the Park post ;)

    Ok, so heres just a regular everyday story - but its the most fucked I've been recently so it sticks out in my mind.

    It was Friday - I'm bored as crap and only have a half J left that I'd been saving, and I give two of my friends a call and get them on their cell. Turns out they are at some pizza parlor buying beer for two girls that asked them to (BTW - neither of them are over 19 - and they dont have fake ID's, haha). So anyway, I ask whats up and they say theyve just been invited to goto this party with these two girls and ask if I wanna come. I consider it a rhetorical question, so they say after they find out where the party is, they will come and get me. So 15 mintues later they are here and I hop in. We goto Rite-Aid first and steal 3 condoms (can't believe we actually stole them, but it wasnt my idea.

    We then goto the place where the party is at. The most PERFECT party house in my entire area. The house has a tiny little street that leads back into a woody area for about a 1/8 of a mile ;)

    This house is huge and awesome and there are like 7 people just sitting outside and smoking. So we make introductions, meet a few girls and then join them. I light my remaining J up and pass it round once (good ice breaker :)), and then I'll just skip a bunch of shit...for the next 4 hours or so it was just a 'regular party' hehe. Girls dancing in their bras all nekid and lovely...:D

    Somewhere during this 4 hour period I get so incredibly messed up its unimaginable (for me at least). I'm relately new to smoking in large quantities, but I must have done at least ... ugh ... I dunno, they packed the bowl up like 7 times and each time I was there to share (usually there were only 3 or 4 of us smoking). So lets say I got about 20 decent hits on some sweet cheeba.

    Then later in the night after all the fun was over, it was time to go and so me and my friends go outside and they wait by the car. I then went back inside for about 5 mintues cause I forgot to say g'bye to everyone and then when I came back out my friends were gone! No...they hadnt ditched me, their car was still there. So to make sure I wasnt trippin out of my mind, I go and sit in the car - 'yep....its real'. I go back inside and ask if they are in here or upstairs or something, no one has seen them....

    I then go back outside very confused and just figure 'what the hell' I'll walk home. Its only about 10-15 min walk from my house so I start off down their long driveway. Then I see this car creeping up the driveway REAL SLOW, and I'm like shit - god damn cops are here. So m,y mind is flashing and I'm composing myself, but they just drive by and continue up to the house! So I'm like: 'shit' and as soon as I'm out of sight I start jogging home. I kept thinking there were cop cars everwhere and that they were just fucking with me like in Super Troopers, but I didnt want to look in case of arrousing suspicion (as if a 2am stroll at night wasnt suspicious enough). Eventually I catch a glance of what I was SURE was a cruiser and I just freeze up and walk *normal* the rest of the way home.

    Then - when I get home, I slip inside and go to my bed and sleep. usually I take a shower and crap, but I was so high I just flopped down and fell asleep. When I woke up the next day and talked to my friends, turns out they were up looking for me till like 4am!!! They said they checked everywhere and that they HAD seen someone walking down the side of the driveway they thought was me, but figured I was just taking a regular walk. They had used the five minutes I was inside saying goodbye to steal their god damn brand new BMW 725 or some shit and sped around town for about 10-15 minutes!!!

    Hahaha, they were so pissed but they really should have told me where they were going. - They figured I was too high and would say something all loud if they told me...probably very true, hehehe.

    Damn I felt so bad for those people at the party, they were sweet - its annoying when your friend dont get high often, but you do. Luckily their BMW was returned without any damage to it, and without them noticing it had been gone! ... When I say 'without damage' I mean to the body....no doubt they redlined it the whole time.

    Whatever, good night... I'm goin to bed to dream of getting some weed this weekend.

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