I posted three days ago and still it isn't showing?

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  1. I posted an introduction of myself in the into forum three days ago. I have checked back and still it has not posted. I don't even know if this is going to post. There were no links in my post only a testimonial and a back story about my dad. Are we not allowed to mention deceased family members?
  2. Only if there REALLY dead ...and you scan a picture of the Death Certificate :eek:
  3. it's probably because you only have 1 post, and are already making a thread.

    not sure if the mods are moderating first posts or not, lately there has been a lot of spam, so they might not have allowed your first post because you only had one.
  4. lol funny... I can assure that he is in fact dead. Sorry if that bit sounded like a real question. I was just being smart. I didn't want anyone to think I was nitpicking. Just wondering if maybe I did something wrong and needed to reword my post.

  5. Ah, that makes sense then.
  6. Should I repost? Or just wait and see if it gets bumped?
  7. well you already made this post, so why dont you just say whatever you were going to say in this thread instead of making an entirely new one?
  8. I may be you need 5 posts or sumpin before you can make yer own thread. You can always ask a mod if you cant find the answer, thats why they are hear
  9. check now buddy..;)

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