I plan to tell my mum I smoke.

Discussion in 'General' started by NeverMind94, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. I don't know when, and i don't know how. i just hate lying to her all the time :( I hate lying to anybody. i am not going to rush in to it, i plan of writing about it. i would like to explain how i started, why i started, why I lied, and why i think it is okay. She said she doesnt think it should be legal, but you shouldn't go to jail for it, and shouldn't really get fined unless you are doing it in crowded public areas. You should catch my drift...

    Any one have advice for me?

    any help would be great. :smoking::metal:
  2. best of luck
  3. Tell her you smoke and then educate her about it? What other advice are you looking for? It will be completely up to her to accept the facts or deny.
  4. dont do it kid... not until its legal... oldschool parents are all about the law
  5. If you live at home and she may kick you out, dont. If shes truly closed minded about it, dont. If she would even vaguely be open to learning a bit about it with an open mind, go for it
  6. She is cool with weed though. She doesn't want me to partake but she even said I'm an adult and I think it's just time to be honest

    Only you can finish th
  7. Definition of being melodramatic. It's weed, chill out
  8. From how you make it sound it doesn't seem like its going to be that much of a problem. She sounds pretty open to the idea of cannabis. Regardless, good luck OP.
  9. Best-case scenario, you keep on smoking like you do. Worst-case, she freaks out and you can't anymore. I guess I don't see the point whenever someone starts a thread like this
  10. Seriously dont do it.

    Peace be with you
  11. You have everything to lose and very little to gain from telling her.

    Don't be surprised if she sends your ass out on the street.
  12. x10000000000000000000000000000000
  13. I told her yeterday and now she trusts me even more than before haha, didn't expect her to be so chill about it :smoke:
  14. Hopefully my mom will be like that

    Only you can finish th

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