i piss in the shower.

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  1. i cant help it...the sound of water...the steam...the tingling feeling it gives me when it touches my lower area...i just have to release a stream of piss as soon as i get into the shower...anyone else got that problem or did i just embarass myself? :confused:
  2. I think a lot of people do... Myself included:rolleyes:
  3. GROSS! I've never thought this was okay to do. Pee before you get in the shower or hold it till you get out! My roommates and I had one rule of the house, no pissing or sex in the shower, anything else goes...Including kicking in my door at 4am hahahaha.
  4. I will only if I have to and when I do its directly into the drain
  5. i cant hold it sherlock! and if i go before i get into the shower then i have to flush the toilet and wait for the water to get REALLY hot then REALLY cold before i get in :(
  6. I piss in the shower all the time, feelz great
  7. Fuck that, I get into the shower to feel clean not smell my own piss.
  8. I don't like doing it, but I do it all the time. I just try to make sure I get it all in the drain and that is clean.

    But the drains for toilets, showers and sinks all go to the same place, and even if I didn't do it, the tub would be nasty as fuck anyways without cleaning it regularly.
  9. yeah I do... I will say I try to aim for the drainhole though when I do.
  10. I always pee in the shower. I could be waiting to hop in, completely naked and have to pee... theres the toilet theres the shower. In the shower I don't have to touch anything or aim. You can frequently find me shampooing my hair while I'm peeing! :eek:
  11. piss helps to cure athletes foot, as well as jellyfish stings

    PISS AWAY!!!
  12. Its all pipes!
  13. and it saves water to boot.

  14. Poison Ivy as well
  15. Gotta hit that drain when you're pissin'. No way do I want to be standing in my own puddle of piss.
  16. It's all pipes but the toilet has a special bend in it to keep the smell out. Also it has been shown that there is an ingredient in urine that cures athletes foot but it takes gallons. I feel gross spitting in the shower. What I do is if I have to pee I pee before the shower, then wait till I get out and flush so I don't burn myself. Also I sometimes pee from my shower to my toilet if I can't hold it. (Shower is right next to the toilet.)
  17. I can't help it, warm water makes me pee.

  18. couldn't have said it better.


  19. lmaoooooooo

    fuckin funny !!!!!

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