I picked up an Oz

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Newbie Toker, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. nice ounce, how much you pay?
  2. i hope thats not the whole ounce...........do you know what kind of bud it is?.........
  3. Thats the whole ounce, i saw him weigh it up myself, and no i dont know the specific strain.
  4. bags look small for it to be an ounce looks good though..
  5. doesnt look like an ounce to me, did he use his scales or yours? somone needs to callibrate or somthin... but whatever, as long as your happy with your purchase all is good.
  6. calibrate that scale with a nickel 5gs or dollar of coz. im fucked up sorry.
  7. It was my scales, calibrated with the 100g weight that came with, why do people always have to bitch and not just take someones word when they say something? sheesh.
  8. Looks good to me. And no one else knows if it weighs, you were the one there. :D
  9. Definately looks like the right amount to me. Pretty nice weed too. How much did it cost you?
  10. not even that it needs rationalization, bitching about whether or not it is how much he says it is is outright stupid, however.. i know someone that used to sell using bags about 3/4 the size of a lighter. stuffing these bags, you could definitely get a full eighth, and perhaps a little bit more. i don't doubt for a second that's a full ounce. and it definitely looks like good smoke. peace out.
  11. for real no one knows how dense it is or how fat the bag really is. the picture is not 3d. my dealers can pack a dime with an 1/8 of nuggs. happy tokin
  12. Hey man.. tell me a price and i will fucking send you some money. I would buy that ounce if i could. And yea, i think it is a good ounce. I have smoked bud looking just like it.. that stuff is sticky. Nice ounce my man, blaze it up.
  13. why you all flipping out.. It's like when people say wow that looks like more than an ounce.. no one gets all crazy then I'm sayin the weed looks good but it looks under that's all not bad mouthing anything... just chill asnd smoke
  14. sorry man but i gotta agree with some of the others that dont look like no ounce to me i mean i could be wrong but my ounces are like 4 times the size of that
  15. I already FUCKING said I weighed it up with my brand new scales, calibrated about 5 SECONDS before i weighed the weed. 29 Gs

    It cost £140 by the way
  16. This entire forum is nothing but a forum to start fights in.

    People think people lie about how much weed someone bought, or doubt the quality?

    I don't get it

  17. I got to fully agree with you man.. even if it wieghed 1 gram he bought it because he liked it.. I think some here just dont relize not everyone is getting really hooked up.
  18. lisen people it's not his fault, when he was not looking i virtualy somked his stash. my bad dude, it's a regular hit and run.! but realy nice bud dude HAPPY TOKEN

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