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I passed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jack Skellington, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I went to the Dr yesterday and she had to drug test me before prescribing narcotics (new rule I guess?)
    Anyhow, I warned her ahead of time that I would test positive for THC. I have smoked everyday for the past 25 years. With the exception of quitting a couple times for about a year.
    A little later my Dr comes out to get me to give me test results and said I told on myself for no reason. You are completely clean! I was pretty shocked to say the least but hey!..... I passed!! LOL
    Anyone ever heard of this happening?  Faulty drug test maybe? Or I've smoked so long it just doesn't leave my body??

  2. Are you sure they tested for thc? Maybe it was just for the drugs that would interact with the narcotics negatively
  3. No she tested for everything.. Its protocol now for anyone being prescribed narcotics.
  4. This did actually happen to a friend of mine. We all had a smoke the night before too and he was a proper stoner. Somehow he passed his drug test. I dont know if it was faulty or whatever but he was definitely smoking legit bud.
  5. I took a test for a job I was working at. I was stoned when I went in because I fucking hated that job....Passed with flying colors. Couldn't believe it either. I had to keep working there for another year!
  6. High metabolism.
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    Thats hilarious and awesome.

    Two of my friends this has happened to actually. I think you're body becomes used to it or something after a certain point, cause the two of my friends that did this smoke super heavily. But my friend Daniel, whom has a very low tolerance, tested positive when his mom surprised him a couple weeks ago... parents, yeesh.(We're both 19 and still living at home, except mine are cool with it)
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    Probably has something to do with drug tests being bullshit (in more ways than one). I refuse to believe that your metabolism had anything to do with it. I view them less a legitimate way of testing someone for drugs, and more of an excuse for people to make money.
  9. Well, I can confidently say it was definitely not high metabolism ... I am a little over weight. 
    I had a friend that it happened to when he was put on probation. He tested clean for a month after he quit smoking and then began testing positive about a month later. He really had a hard time explaining that one!!! After that it took about a month to test clean again.

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