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i passed a drug test WTF

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlphaMaleToker, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Ok so the night before my interview, I smoked a quarter bag. Went in and pissed test, and they gave me the job! This is for zenith logistics btw, but Wtf! I must have a gift of it not being n my system for long, or they didn't care, lol!
  2. Haha well shit man good job being a super stoner! Hah those test fail sometimes. I mean they can only be so accurate when you can buy it from Walgreens for 20 bucks. Back in HIGHschool my mom drug tested me for a while. She once went like 3 months without doing it do I thought I was off the hook so I started smoking again, only to get a test a couple weeks later and the same thing happened to me! I passed and never got tested again. Haha I guess good stoners get a break sometimes. Good luck at your job bro!
  3. some places don't care about a positive for weed

    it's not like they advertise it though
  4. Maybe they wanted to hire someone who smoked weed, so they tested for proof.
  5. I think this is what you call 'getting lucky'
  6. As NLKK has said its possibly they don't give a Shit about weed and just wanylted to know about harder substance use. Or they have to issue a Piss test, but just don't care if u pass.

    Places need employees and are starting to realize its stupid to rule out valid candidates due to a harmless plant.
  7. If you were clean before smoking your sack your body wouldn't have time to metabolize it. I've seen people do that at the dt testing center before. Bunch of blazed kids would come in for a dt and they would pass because their body hadn't processed it yet.

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