I paid $180.00 for my MFLB

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Fredbear, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Let this be a lesson to yawl
    Had I done research first I wouldn't of bought it at all, as I found they are sold for 120 online.

    I walked in the store (Thempataions in sarnia ontario) only plugging them so other people will know.... that they ,ark up sooooo high.

    anyway I walked in just to look about and I see this box (MFLB) I asked about it and the guy sold it well and I bought it then and there....I didn't know anything about Vapes as none of my crew vales at all

    after I get it home and start reading up on it I find out the real cost so I call up the store and the manager says.....well that mark up for ya

    I understand mark up but not at almost what 80 percent

    when you go to a store you expect to pay comparable competitive prices

    I guess the City that only has one head shop can charge thoses prices and get away with it

    Everytime I go back there to look around I ask about getting a discount for other item....and the answer is always the same "well you should have done your research first"

    So I say ok I guess ill stick to buying screens (bong) then....as I was going to but that big ole ape there.....Ill just order it online then

    I have had the MFLB for half a year now and aim happy paying that mush for it.....had I didn't know what the real cost was.
  2. Too bad you're in Canada. You could've purchased a Purple Days for that price. Make the most of what you got though. We all make mistakes.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, ill, be sure to never spend any money on their "markup". Obviously if they are charging that much for it their not getting it at wholesale prices and therefore suck as shop owners.
  4. sorry to hear man. I got mine for 90$ a while back.
  5. Man you`ve had it for half a year and you`re complaining about $60 shiiit, you pay more for xbox live a year. In my opinion you have a dope smoke tool that lasts its worth the money.
  6. .... So you're trying to say as long as you're not dumb.. you won't get ripped off? *derp*
  7. [quote name='"HotDish"'].... So you're trying to say as long as you're not dumb.. you won't get ripped off? *derp*[/quote]

    Moral of the story I suppose..
  8. That really sucks. I'm happy with mine too and I paid almost 180 for mine with the power adapter. Its been great though.
  9. Head shops in Canada typically suck with their prices. A MFLB around here would cost 130-140, way cheaper just to buy it online.
  10. 180.00$ for a MFLB is a crime.

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