I overheard my cousin telling a story...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JakeNBake, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. So they went to some party and their friend from salt lake flew down. I think it was a bachelorette party or something. So shes kind of big on weed I guess and to get past airport security, she shoved a bag with an eighth in it...up her vagina. And she was on her period. I can't even imagine that. They said she had to wash it off and let it try, and it smelled fucking grose.

    I'd never smoke that.
  2. haha...ah man thats funny. ya know women are lucky they have a stash "pocket" :p

    well, least no blood got on the weed right?

  3. He said they had to wash it off :bolt:
  4. It was in a ziploc but I mean still.
  5. Ugh..... gross
  6. now ive smoked catpiss. . .

  7. i hope a new strain gets named after this lol "blud bud"?
  8. ummmmmmmmmmmm..... yep gonna have to call myself good on that also!!:bolt:
  9. Well if she wasen't on her period, or even if she properly sealed the bag with hot glue and double bagged... but it doesnt sound like she did... nasty....
  10. I hear red hairs make that shit more bombz
  11. hahahahahhahahahha
  12. gross-tastic!
  13. ziploc bags+ weed= the new tampon... ;]
  14. But hiding it in your ass is somehow less gross? Bunch of babies, man. I'd do it and I'd smoke it. Blood is not as gross as feces.
  15. I'd just put it in a lot of baggies and take it out immediately after getting through security
  16. i have a huge boner right now
  17. yer sposed to wash the lube/spermicide off of a new condom, let that shit dry, pack it full, knot it off 2/3 times. bingo bango, and its automatically dick shaped, for you vagina insertion pleasure
  18. Yea when thinking of putting a product up ones cooch i would of thought a CONDOM would be the first packaging that comes to mind...let alone the best idea

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