I Over-watered, anything I can do apart from wait?

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  1. So I accidentally put a little bit too much water (my soil is now moist but no where near drowning). My seedling is about a week old ans the leaves are now drooping and its growth has slowed down significantly.

    I know time is of the essence, and I have to wait for the soil to dry up for my plant to recover. However is there anything I can do to in order to speed up the drying of the soil?
  2. Do the pots have proper drainage? If not, you may want to consider making some drainage holes. If they do, consider perhaps making a few more. If the heat of the room isn't too high, may want to consider raising it a degree or two. Got a fan? May want to raise the flow just a bit. If not, add one. Then just watch your watering practices. She's just a week old, no need to water so much. Good luck.
  3. Repot into a bigger pot ?

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  4. Thanks for the advice! I added a few more drainage holes and added a fan!

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  5. Unfortunately shes an auto. So she's already sitting in her final pot.

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  6. I'd suggest re-potting it. Mix in with a bit of dry medium of the same kind to reduce the overall moisture. At that age you don't want to really have much water at all - it should be able to sustain itself for a while just from damp medium.
    So take it out. be careful of the roots. (check that those aren't somehow dead), mix the wet stuff with some dry medium until it's just "damp", then replant carefully into your mix.
    Wouldn't hurt to put some things in your mix to kind of space it out a bit either, and some rocks or clay down the bottom just to make sure if there is any excess, it won't end up stuck, it'll drip through.

    I remember reading back ages ago...like 4-5 years...some guy on another forum (or maybe even this one, I've looked at this place way before joining) was saying when he was preparing his medium he just put a tiny bit of feed through some water, and mixed in a drop of cloning...paste? gel? one of those, because its got stuff in there that promotes root growth.
    That said, I've looked and can't find what I saw again. Just, could be a potential idea for this kind of stage.
    Though yeah, no idea if this would be good or bad.
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  7. Yeah, but it's only a week old right?
    Should be pretty easy to re-pot it, even into the same pot. Just make sure the roots are right etc.
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  8. A little bit too much? Wrong. If you have a proper soil mix and pots, a little bit too much would just drain. It's oxygen deprivation. Growers flush with gallons of water and don't have wilting issues.. Others grow in 5 gallon buckets of water basically and you can't get much more water than that. It's all about oxygen to the root zone.
  9. That's actually a great idea! Any tips on how to extract the plant without ruining the roots?

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  10. I mean i didn't saturate the soil.. I probably added 1 cup of water to 2.5 gal of soil (I doubt that much water would ever drain out of 2.5 gal of soil) I think the issue is too much relative water to the size of the seedling.

    But hey, what do I know hahaha
  11. Is it still droopy?
  12. Unfortunatly yes.. This is what she looks like now. Im hoping a few more days and she will be back to normal :D
    Additionally i got a temp/humidity reader. Its telling me 30C and 45 RH, are those values alright?
  13. To speed things up I tried to remove some of the moist soil and replace it with new Happy frog plus pearlite. In doing so I realized that my soil really isnt that wet.. (If anything its dry than the fresh soil straight out of the bag..).

    Anything else apart from water problems can be causing these droopy leaves?

    Soil is Happy frog + 30% pearlite
    Light schedules is 20/4
    Water Ph: 6.5
    Temperature: 30C
    RH: 45%
  14. Your temps 86F are high and that will droop it. You cant really over water with one watering.
  15. Right. moved the lights up, now the temperature is at 25C (77F). Hopefully that will fix it!

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