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  1. I don't know what I was thinking. I shot myself in the foot last night. There's a girl that is really into me and we've been talking and hanging out. Before last night, she saw me as cool and manly. But last night I was really down in the slumps and I opened up to her over text message. Not opened up in the hopes and dreams kind of way, but opened up in the faggy "I look into the abyss and it's so cold" kind of way.

    Is there anyway to recover? Or have I blown it?

    I really don't know what I was thinking. I know there's a lot more girls out there who know nothing of this incident , and I need to stop acting like a bitch and hike up my man pants, but she's a reaaally cool and cute girl and to be honest, I had an8/10 chance of getting laid on the next one or two times we were going to hang out.

    Have you ever opened up to a girl with your feelings and still got it in? Or have I completely blown it and I should just learn , never mistake this mistake again, and move on.
  2. Well it depends what you shared with her, but for the most part I would say most women appreciate you sharing your feelings with them.

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  3. That is reassuring to hear. I didn't tell her too much. I believe it is possible for me to recover and get back out on the playing field. 
    I will report back with what happens. 
  4. Just dont make that depressing stuff a habit to speak of or a habit at all.
  5. ^ What he said, it is fine to open up a bit but don't make it so she thinks she is just a shoulder to cry on. Also, if you're constantly spilling your guts out she might think you're a bit unstable. It's cool dude, dont sweat it.
  6. You might have just friend zoned yourself.
  7. Opening up to somebody isn't a bad thing, i mean really if you think about it, if she denies you as a FRIEND after you open up to her thats a pretty weak thing to do, not for pity sake but just because doing that is hard to do (Opening up).
    Even if you dont get laid, maybe thats not the focus here.. Having a women for a friend isn't a bad thing dude but obviously now your going to have to listen to her complain about every single thing in her life because as a male to female friend thats usually what the friendship consists of.
  8. Usually its the "after morning embarrasment"... where you scroll back to look at what you sent the morning after and become all self concious about it, you're fine dude. Most girls are emotionally stable. It probably wasn't even that bad
  9.     I don't think you dug yourself too far in a whole. Most girls I talk to enjoy a little emotional vulnerability. The key term to remember here though is MODERATION. If you are constantly spilling your deep seeded emotional issues she's gonna find someone with less issues and more penis 
  10. Damage control time, don't open up anymore and just go back to entertaining her fancies and wooing her. Don't let yourself get lost in her image. I'm a strong advocate of not using text to further yourself with a chick so what I'd do is give it a few days then give her a call one evening and just act like you never said that shit. If she asks about it come up with something like "yeah I was watching my soaps and got all emotional, that damn doctor fucking all the patients again" or just be like "i dont know wat youre talkin about"
    You really believe that?
  12. Yes I do, it is all about feeling and the way you feel
  13. shit man, I'd get that gunshot wound treated above all else
  14. If you feel like you want to open yourself up to someone, go and fucking do it. 
    Cause at the end of the day, depending on how she responds, you'll know if it's meant to be or she just doesn't give a shit.

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