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i opened a pack of ciggs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JDangle, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. you seem like me, i can smoke cigerettes but i dont get addicted, i enjoy them every once in a while maybe like once a month, but i dont NEED them, and i smoke camel turkish gold, those things are sooooo smooth, usually my friends dont have any cuz they cost so much, so i dont smoke to often
  2. Your fine, my parents were regular smokers in theirs twentys, in their fifties now so did for long time lungs are fine now
  3. I smoke a pack a cigs every once in awhile (3-4months). You won't become addicted unless you start smoking one every day or two, then you might notice that you keep smoking more and more.
  4. Same here, but on a more unhealthy I can smoke a pack a day for months and stop cold turkey without any problems. I haven't smoked in about a month now but I could definitely buy a pack, be done with it by tomorrow, and be fine for however long I want to be. It's kind of inexplicable given the addictive properties of nicotine, and my otherwise addictive personality, but I think a lot of it depends on the person too.
  5. That's not a very well thought out statement, "if you quit before you're 30, your lungs will repair themselves within a few years". What if you've been smoking for like 10 years? 15 years? Your lungs can't just repair themselves like that, and what, do you think when you pass the magical age of 30 your lungs just suddenly stop repairing?
  6. I like how everyone here thinks they have passed that barrier that misinforms about weed, how about we try it with cigarettes?

    Nicotine is obviously more addictive than THC, but the amount of carcinogens is relatively similar. There are plenty of studies that go both ways in that field.

    If you are smoking a joint of an experienced smoker there is almost always a good bit of tobacco in there anyway.

    And for some people, the negative psychological effects felt by people who "habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes" can be much more devastating than nicotine and physical addiction.

    Too bad no real third party wants to or has the ability to research these things objectively, but that shouldn't stop you guys from becoming above "The Truth" commercials.

    We should also stay away from "This is your brain on drugs" and "Above the influence" because they are also government sponsored propaganda.
  7. Um, completely and utterly no.
  8. Um, a real joint has a good mix. It burns slower, tastes better, and is much more enjoyable. Talk to someone who has been smoking a long time and is accustomed to rolling joints.
  9. I've smoked for ten years, I know many people who have smoked as long if not longer, and the inclusion of tobacco in a joint is the rare exception, not the rule.
  10. Must be a local thing then, because almost everyone I know rolls with a mix. Straight green tastes bad (unless it is super dank), is very harsh, and burns very fast. Tobacco fixes all of that.

    Not to mention the cottonmouth is unbearable with straight green.
  11. #31 Tuk2, Sep 17, 2008
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    Here's the thing.... I can already slightly notice shortness of breathe faster than before I started smoking.....and when I started smoking cigs about 2 years ago, first it was 2-3 cigs a day... now I go through 2 packs in a week, thats how I got the 1 pack a week average. And I heard it takes 20+ yrs for your lunges to repair themselves. I also heard if you quit, the serious problems dont show themselves until your later years (50+) because the chemical/cellular reaction has already been set into motion...I just want to know what the shortest/least amount of cigs anybody has EVER died from?
  12. Straight green tastes amazing....and water > cancer

    ....I just cant believe you said green tastes bad.....I live for the green hit. That almost broke my heart :p

  13. that made me so happy right there
    guess i can keep it lit til i turn the big 3-0:smoke:
  14. Are you serious? I'm with bagpiper on this..Maybe it's just your bud, but here in NZ if you know how to roll them right joints burn just as slow, taste a hell of a lot nicer than mixed with tobacco, and are a lot less harsh than with tobacco. Joints = full weed, spliff = weed and baccy. Here anyway and a lot of other places worldwide

  15. Shit man, theres 20 cigarettes in one pack. If you smoke once a year that shit can last you months lol. Stick to weed, cigars are okay too. Cigarettes are stupid, i smoked a little when i was in europe. Other than a nicotine buzz for a minute it dosnt do anything.
  16. Btw, if you work out and stay healthy, and your young, cigarettes wont kill you if you dont smoke heavy. Just quit soon.
  17. I love turkish golds man..... nothing better. i smoke a cig or two a day so im going with there is no way im addicted. Addiction in my on opinion is all poor will power. i have always felt this, if you catch your self being a dick with something, stop! now go and enjoy your sticks and have a good time.
  18. Buddy Dink, why would you smoke any time of green if you think it tatses bad. I and w woud say 99.99999999999999% people who smoke would take "strait green" over tobacco. you my fine sir are that .00000001% who thinks differently
  19. Well I like to smoke weed because I like to get high, not because it tastes good. The only "smoke" that tastes good to me is vaped bud. I don't hatte the taste, I just think it is better when mixed.

    That is a link you should all read up on. I know I'm not crazy, a lot of people smoke with a mix.

    And again I'll say, you should all do some real research instead of blindly believing what the government has told you. You'll find that while cigarettes are bad for you, there are multiple benefits and the negatives are not as bad as the "Truth" likes to make them.
  20. Using a blend of weed and tobacco is the standard in Europe, but a rarity in the US, and I've lived on both coasts and a few places in between, so I'm not just basing this on my area.

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