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i opened a pack of ciggs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JDangle, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. and before you tell me they are terrible for you (don't worry i know they are), i would like to know how long it will last. i like to smoke a ciggarrette maybe once every week or so when im baked, so im curious how long they will last. half of them are still in the foil thing in the box. they are menthol ciggarrettes and i'm curious whether i should hang on too them if they wont go bad or if i should just take out the tobbacco and load it with bud. haha i can roll a joint fine, but always wanted to try the filled cig
  2. Take the pack and a shovel...Go down to your local cemetary. Dig a hole and bury them nasty ass things. (Skip the middle man...YOU!) IMO Much Love.
  3. When you fill cigs with weed they burn way too fast so just roll it yourself
  4. I know this is exactly what you didn't want to hear but...

    You really shouldn't start smoking man,
    Whats the point, your not addicted so just stop now.
  5. like i said, i don't need to hear that, i know. and i'm not going to get addicted. i'm just curious how long this one pack will last
  6. this aint rocket science man, if you like to smoke one a week. count how many cigarettes you have and it will last that many weeks.
  7. Probably about a month before they become noticably stale.
  8. Cigs last for a while. just make sure u dont leave em out in the open
  9. throw them in the freezer and take one out as you need them. That's what I do and they have that super fresh taste every time. fuckin nasty fuckin cancer sticks. i need to quit.

    ******if anyone else here smokes and wants to quit with me PM me and we'll be online support buddies. ********

  10. haha every single one of my friends said that. There addicted. Besdies my best friend, I made him quit. Just don't do it man. That's 7 minutes off of your life every cig you smoke.
  11. yeah, people buy cartons and keep them frozen... try that, i guess?
  12. I find that I get more high with less weed when I smoke tobacco at the same time.
  13. well i ditched the pack. decided not worth even taking a risk with them. i know they're bad but i enjoyed having a quick nicotine rush while im baked. oh well weed > cancer :smoke:
  14. #14 Tuk2, Sep 16, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2008
    I might take you up on that offer.

    Anybody happen to know the shortest amount of time, a person has ever got cancer from smoking cigs?? I think Im around a pack a week (maybe slightly less) for the past 1 1/2-2 years. :\ :( But my dad smoked for like over 20 years and hes in pretty good shape at the age of 50 (I think...havent heard from him in 3 years lol)
  15. Let's just hope you don't get cancer from weed now.
  16. You should be fine. My College Biology teacher told me that if you quit before you're 30, your lungs will repair themselves within a few years. A pack a week for 2 years is good considering most people who smoke ciggs smoke a pack a day.
  17. Sounds like me two years ago.. I been a smoker for about.. 2 years now. ;)

  18. I dont really care about the cancer... It's just that they effect your dick... soooooo. :rolleyes:
  19. The only thing I use ciggys for are to help cover up weed smell, burn a couple ciggs and smoke them(like a few inhales) and the rest of the smoke for the smell.

    Quit while your ahead, it will control your life at some point.
  20. the longer you smoke the less time a pack will last.

    and yea dont be an idiot put the cigs down

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