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I only have 20

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Globalegalizati0n, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. huh if you ain't a rapper like wiz khalifa or snoop dogg then just get mids. one gram of dank is good quality and all that but you'll finish smoking that in like 2-3 days where as the mids can last you a good week. i would never buy $20 just for a gram of weed... never. 

    What would you do? Invest it? 
  3. How do you only have $20? And why would you spend your entire net worth on drugs?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Def get the mids and roll 3 nice blunts- or bong the hell out of it!
  5. I only have 11 bucks. 
  6. i doubt the mids are high mids if they are 3.5 for 20 dollars. if dank is 20 a g then high mids should be 10 a g or maybe even 15 a g. if ur getting 3.5 for 20 its probably some shitty weed.
  7. i would get my shit together so in the event whoever stops providing for me im not out on the streets with nothing but a gram of bud to my name.
  8. mids, try to flip it ten a g then buy some dank, or keep the trend of mids going
  9. Right, so you would have twenty dollars. I don't believe the question was "Do I buy weed or pay my rent?" It's not as though this twenty dollars is going to be the turning point of the guy's life. You have somehow expanded that simple question to an entire philosophy where you have apparently decided that this person can't afford to smoke ever because he only has twenty now. What does "getting your shit together" have to do with him having a temporary shortage of disposable cash? 
  10. if thats just disposable cash then id take back what i said. thats not what he said though, its not clear what he meant by i only have 20 bucks. what im saying is if youve got 20 bucks to your name, and your only objective is to buy some weed, you need to get your priorities straight. 
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    With mids: you'll get a nice high, but might have to smoke more than one bowl or joint.

    With dank: youll get an awesome high, it'll smoke nicely and you do not need a lot to get baked
  12. only high grade for me... you rather have one high quality burger, or 3 shitty ones at mcdonalds
  13. Fuck dude where do you get 4.5 grams for 20 bucks? I'm moving there

    You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
  14. I'd personally go with the mids. Even though you'll have to smoke more, they will still last longer than only a gram of dank. Unless the dank like some pristine frosty one hitter quitter shit. Next time you go to buy from this guy you could try the dank and see which one you liked better.
  15. who gives a fuck if some one wants to spend all there money on drugs of any kind thats there own damn business

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  16. if its just some schwag then id get the g of some dank and smoke bowls.
    if its actually high mids (either almost beaster or beaster quality) then id get the 8th of it and roll blunts
  17. 3.5 grams if you vape (only 20$ or so if u make your own magic flight )

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  18. It really depends how long u have to stretch the sack . If its a one time thing I'd go for the dank . Smoke and be done . But if there's heads to share with etc. get the mid.

  19. The mid always makes u wish u would of got the dank

  20.  that is sooo true lol.

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