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I only have 20

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Globalegalizati0n, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I only have $20 at the moment. For 20 bucks ill probably get 3.5 g of mids and 1 gram of dank. This is my first time buying from this guy. If you were in my situation would you get the mids or dank? Also on a side note the mids around here are generally of higher quality(high mids).

  2. If there high quality mids and your tolerance isnt high go for it Sent from my SM-N900T using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. save ur money
  4. if it's high mid i'd just go ahead and get the mid
  5. the 3.5 is a better deal if it's decent weed..if it's schwag city hell no
  6. You say their high mids? Go for the mids bro. Especially if you don't have a tolerance. You don't gotta smoke the dankest all the time. Their not going anywhere.High grade DANK wasn't grown to just look pretty and give bragging rights, it's REALLY for people who have a high tolerance and or to better help treat severe pain. Of course you wanna smoke the best but never turn down multiple grams of high quality mids for the price you pay for just one gram of dank, especially when on a budget. I think it's stupid to spend all your money on a lil bit of dank if you don't even have much of a tolerance when you could cop a fat sack of high mids.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. define dank an mids? (Uk person)
    Listen to this
  9. [quote name="CHED" post="19400038" timestamp="1390601090"]define dank an mids? (Uk person)[/quote]Dank: strongest, high quality, well grown, "top of the line"Mids: middle ground, not shwag and not highest quality. Average weed.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  10. either is fine. if you get the mids roll blunts. if you get dank do bowls (preferably vape if you have one)
  11. Listen to them
  12. Save the $20 and buy a homeless guy some dinner. Marijuana will make you blind and void your warranty..... JK, go for the mids...that's what the homeless guy would buy if you gave him your $20
  13. if this is actually decent mids for 20 an eighth, go for that. If not, get a g of the good stuff and pull out the old grav
  14. Mids for sure. 
  15. Buy the dank. Always buy the dank. :bongin:
  16. Guys wtf? Thats 4.5g for 20 bucks. I get 1g for 20 bucks. 
  17. Somebody just got there weekly lunch money lol
  18. If it's actually "mids" and not schwagg I'd go with them over the top shelf. Then you get 3 and a half times as many nugs that still look pretty good, still smoke pretty nice, and still "getch yo ass hiiiiighhh". If it's all squished, doesn't smell, seedy, or just plain looks kinda brown I would just save the money and pass.
    :smoking:  :cool:
  19. buy the mids and a mango hahahaha
  20. if i had 20 dollars to my name, i wouldnt spend it on weed. 

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