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  1. Last night I smoked the nastiest thing ever with 2 not-so close friends of mine. Firstly, I rolled up to their house after they told me they got a belated birthday gift for me. I come and it is a blunt. So I light it up and on the first hit it is harsh as fuck and it continues to be harsh for the whole entire duration. By the time I passed it my vision was completely blurry and I had a headrush in which I have ever experience before. I kept on smoking it thinking it was maybe some dirty regs or something, I asked them what it was, they said mids. The high was unlike anything Ive ever had before.

    After smoking the blunt, I was sitting down watch the chapelle show and puked, then proceeded to black out. I woke up at 1am with the worst headache ever. Unfortunately, today my lungs feel horrible, and those dudes liked the blunt. When I woke up they proceeded to inform me on what I smoked.

    1 Chocolate Dutch Palma filled ith 3 grams of regs and a little bit of Drum tobacco in there, sprinkled with yayo, a crushed 2mg xanax bar, and a crushed 20mg OC. They then did the whiskey honey treatment on it...you know little bit of honey in the whiskey shot followed by dipping and spreading then microwaving.

    Neg rep me if you must. and sorry no "pix"
  2. id cut the mother fuckers who get me to smoke a blunt with crushed up pills in it, and dont bother tell me after I asked what the fuck is in it....WTF
  3. They werent inhaling the blunt, and They thought it was damn funny that i did, but theyll see, ill get them back.
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    Id be a little pissed they didnt tell me first but I still woulda smoked the blunt.

    Even still...they just wanted it to be good. Not like it was all pipe tobacco as a joke or somethin lol though I dont see the point in throwin all those pills in

    Ok now im callin bull. So they wasted 3 grams and all that shit just to see you smoke it?

    Nah if it was a gag blunt it woulda been valued at like 10cents...not a $40+ blunt for a joke. Sounds like you just had free time to bullshit

  5. my friend one time was with his older friend brian and he was meeting up with a dealer who just happened to be rolling a blunt at the time.... my friend mentions that the guy says something about angel dust, and at the time he thought it was just a strain of weed..... so he gets in the car with the guy they pass it to brian brian takes a hit and is like ummmm im good yeah i dont do that... my friend goes on like 2 rotations and everything gets blurry, luckily my friend brian got him to dip out at that point and explain to him he just smoked PCP

    he was fucking tripping for a good 6 hours off of like 4 hits of a blunt with pcp... sucks
  6. Would smoking the blunt actually give you the highs from the pills? Sorry i don't know anything about pills just wondering.

    One time my friend asked me to come over and smoke with him. I did and when i got there he had this one hitter that he was using. I lit it up and everything and my mouth was fucking numb as hell. I asked if there was anything he put in with it and he said oh shit i forgot i was smoking yayo and weed all night last night in this pipe. So, i guess i got some left over resin in a couple of the hits.

    It was pretty good though, I don't do hard drugs, and would probably never smoke it again willingly.

  7. cocaine is a helluva drug
  8. And this is exactly what I hate about this forum.
  9. My birthday was 2 days ago, this was there gift.
  10. Wow, did you slap 'em?
    No wonder you got so sick, a mix of so many uppers and downers and shit. If that'd been me, I would have seriously hurt them.

  11. 3 grams of regs cost u 40$?? damn im glad that i dont live near u cause i can get easily an oz of regs for 90$ lol

    sounds like these kids like to fuck with ur shit, so fuck with theirs.... they put shit in to u without u knowing so put something in their shit that they have no idea... sugar in the gas tank...:wave:

  12. fixed
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    3 grams

    Yeah..$40 is probably an underestimate

    Oh and its not regs its mids. regs is shwag. I get an oz for $35...this is mids its done is grams and 1/8ths and so forth.

    A gram of mids is 10-15bucks here. So 30-45 just in the mids yea.
  14. Depends on where you're at man. I can get an eighth of mids for $25, sometimes $20.

    And I'd stop talking to those two dumbasses man. They're obviously retarded.
  15. pull a wayne brady and get them to smoke some sherm
  16. Oh my god, seriously, do people here actually have to do this.

    1 of those guys serves OC's.
    and with my hookup, I get 8ths of regs for 15.
    Xanax 2mg in my area is 2 for 5 dollars.
    The blunt costs 1 dollar.
    OBVIOUSLY they didnt use alot of coke, maybe .1, they said sprinkle, so id assume a pinch.
    Drum tobacco is like 2 dollars.

    so it was technically 16 dolar blunt.

    I try to just share a story, yet people claim bullshit, i dont get it.
  17. Dont sweat it man, alot of people come to this forum to try and call bullshit on stories. I guess it gives them a little thrill to try and bust BSer's

    Just ignore em.
  18. yee i feel you

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