I officially hate drinking (being crunk)

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  1. So, I've never really been a fan of alcohol. Sure, being drunk is fun and all. But hangovers blow, it hurts my stomach a lot, and I much prefer the ganja. Well, recently my friend suggested I try getting crunk, as I've never reall done it before. Well, sure enough, I got sick as hell. I smoked a one gram joint of medical grade and then took 7 shots of vodka. I ended up spending the rest of the night puking. Not fun at all.

    Anyone else not a fan of getting crunk or drinking at all?
  2. happened to me once. got really drunk and decided to smoke (first time). i took two hits and went back inside and puked the rest of the night. i dont remember anything after puking the first time except waking up on the bathroom floor.
  3. Well if your with freinds or family taking a whole lotta shots just be sure to not drink alot in a really short amount of time and youll be fine and if your getting crunk then drink first then smoke cause it will get rid of the nausea and sick feeling if you even feel like that.
  4. I don't like getting drunk. But drinking can be fun if you use moderation...
    My advice: have a drink, smoke a bunch of weeds, then have 1-3 more drinks throughout the night, enough to get buzzed but not shitfaced. then smoke more :) Then you'll get cross-faded but won't be puking.

    There's really no need to ever take 7 shots of anything to have fun.
  5. beer before grass, yer on yer arse
    grass before beer, yer in the clear

    so just smoke like 4 blunts then a fith of jack and you should be ballin'
  6. I like where you're going with this.

    But in regards to the topic, when I was in the military, you were drug tested so I drank quite a bit as it being legal and everything, but I can say that I'd much rather get high. I do still drink though, I think it depends on what you drink as much as the amount you drink. If you're drinking Monarch Vodka that's $22.50 for a half-gallon in a plastic bottle, you're not going to have a good time.

  7. .

    Don't smoke once you've had a few. You can pack a bowl on you're first shot or beer, and smoke it while you're doing that but never get drunk then smoke.

    I don't even like drinking, though. I <3 my ganji and thats it.
  8. One night I got offered a couple of shots while I was smoking bongs. the last shot i took a bong hit right after and 5 mins later I was done at that point. just stumbled my ass outside and put on a yak show
  9. The feelin of being crunk is great. If you're plannin on guzzlin a shit of alcohol then you should do it after blazin it up. But if jus want the crank feelin it doesn't really matter what order you do it drink then blaze or vice versa.
  10. I really don't drink much anymore at all because i hate getting completely wasted but when i only drink a few beers all i get is a bad headache so its like a lose-lose for me when it comes to alcohol haha...i guess i just love my mary jane too much :smoking:
  11. What's with people saying never get drunk before smoking? Smoking when drunk is fucking great.
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    man 7shots is wut put you over. i think with getting crunk it's betta to drink a little first then blaze. i was crunk on thursday: had some vodka, blazed on some cali, had a firecracker, and had 2 more drinks. It was cool until everyone told me that I looked drunk and/or high. I was on this boat and almost fell over the ledge into the water because I was barely standing up and people said my eyes were almost closed. However, today I blazed before a block party and no one could tell.

  13. I've always been told beer before weed for a great crossfade. And my crossfades have been flawless.

    But in regards to the hangovers, as I've said before: just drink water. Alcohol dehydrates you, and that's why you feel like absolute shit when you wake up.
  14. I love being drunk, I hate the fucking hangovers though.
  15. For sure. After the fourth beer my tummy hurts:(

  16. This is great advice.

    I love drinking til I'm happy drunk. Not shitfaced, but happy.

    If you don't have a stomach of steel, and don't drink very much.. I recommend that you smoke bowls as well. Or else you'll just end up praying to the porcelain goddess.
  17. Learn to handle your shit and you should be ok man...
  18. Drinking makes me sooo sick, I can hardly stand to do it anymore. People have given me all kinds of tips and tricks and cute little rhymes that should make it all better but they've never worked. Give me some weed and I'm gooooooood.

  19. yea i hate it
    and im the only one who doesn t drink so its so annoying dealing with my drunk friends

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